Best 200W Sub-Ohm Tanks

If you own a 200-watt mod, you want to be able to try it out at its highest capacity, not sit around twiddling your thumbs at 140 watts. What is the point of that? You would have bought a 100w or 150w mod if you were not planning to push the device to its highest potential.

What’s holding you back, then? You could be put off by the lack of 200w sub ohm tanks. The only other alternative is tedious dripping, but there is good news: 200-watt tanks are emerging in small numbers.

A few tanks are touted for 200w capabilities but they are not really at their best when pushed to the limit. In fact, you probably don’t want to vape at 200w much of the time. The important thing is to know that your tank can do this safely if you need or want it to.

Top 5 200-watt Tanks

All the best tanks in this category were made in China, at least the top 5. American and Pinoy RDAs are prevalent, but RTAs are affordable. Here is the top 5 for customers seeking a 200w sub-ohm tank.

1. Smok TFV4


What can’t the Smok TFV4 do? With its many pre-built coils this could be your low-watt pal or your high-watt BFF.

Made from stainless steel and reinforced glass, the Smok TFV4 is certainly durable enough for the job. It is the RBA head that gives this tank the edge over many others.

Choose TC or VW vaping and give your tank as good as you’ve got attached to a Kanger KBox 200, Snow Wolf 200, or Tesla 200w box mod.

Buy The TFV4:

$35.95** At **Includes Free Shipping


2. Horizon Arctic V8 Tank

Horizon Arctic V8s

An optional RTA head (rebuildable deck) allows vapers to choose a suitable material and build style to safely accommodate the Horizon Arctic V8 Sub Ohm Tank on any 200w machine. Their design accommodates many pre-built coils including the octuplet (V8) which supplies loads of surface area for e juice to cover. The top-fill design is easy to use and splash-proof venting prevents spitting e juice. Select the insulated tip provided or another insulated tip. E juice vapor at 200w is going to be hot.

Buy The Arctic V8:

$26.99** At: **Enter promo code DNA10 at checkout for this price


3. Aspire Triton 2

Aspire Triton 2

As tank-making companies go, Aspire is one of the most trustworthy. Expect the best out of a Triton 2 by Aspire. Their 3.5-ml glass-and-steel RTA is compatible with coils built for mid-to-high watts but also an RTA which lets you go the DIY route. It’s attractive and durable as every Aspire tank should be.

Buy The Triton 2:

$34.95** At **Includes Free Shipping


4. Kanger SubTank Plus

Subtank Plus

With Ni200 coils, you can hit some seriously high watts but not for long. The nature of a temperature control coil is to remove the necessity of high-watt vaping in favor of controlling temperature with superior metal alloys like nickel 200 and titanium.

The Kanger SubTank Plus was made to handle high values like a 600F vape setting which could take you up to 200w. With the rebuild deck sold separately, vapers can also create the build of their vaping dreams on this 7-ml beast. If you get through e juice before the end of the day in spite of its size, the Kanger Subtank Plus is refillable from the top.

Buy The Subtank Plus:

$33.29** At: **Enter promo code 10off at checkout for this price.


5. Innokin iSub Apex

Innokin iSub Apex

This update of the iSub Apex contains a glass tank and stainless steel base/head plus BVC Clapton Coils rated 0.5 ohms and 0.2 ohms. The Clapton coil build provides a lot of surface area and is a complicated style to build yourself, but obviously some people know how to do it: how else could there be Clapton coils in the first place?

A separate piece is the RBA: a deck for rebuilding coils if you like that sort of thing and know how to do it safely. Innokin’s Solid Spin Top Fill System is quick, mess-free, and easy to use too. Convection heating from the Prism system efficiently heats e juice as you run the Innokin iSub Apex on an iPV5, Wismec DNA 200, or Laisimo S3 200w.

Buy The iSub Apex:

$28.95** At: **Includes Free Shipping

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