Getting The Most Mileage Out Of Your Vapor Pen

Electronic cigarettes are now a big industry with many brands producing a vast selection of products. Knowing useful tricks will save you a lot of time in experimenting not to mention that it will save you money as well.

Getting the Ultimate Throat Hit

You might be thinking that there must be a complicated way to get a good throat hit or that you need to buy something, a different brand or some mod? Fortunately that is not the case; all you need to do is try a simple technique that will give you the ultimate throat hit. Inhale three times in a row, every time you do this you will get nice hard throat hit. Try it, you will be utterly surprised.

How to Minimize Mouth Leaks

All cartridges have an end piece which is separable just insert a cotton wool inside of it. This will act like a filter which will prevent and catch any e-liquid leak. This will prolong the life of your vapor pen and will also make sure that the battery and atomizer are safe. Once the cotton wool is soaked with e-liquid, just simply replace the cotton wool. One easy way of knowing that the cotton bud is soaked is a hard drag, when inhalation becomes harder then it means the cotton is soaked with e-liquid. Replace the cotton carefully and clean the area first before putting a new cotton piece.

Prevent your Atomizer from Burning

The atomizer or cartomizer can burn easily due to many reasons. The atomizer has a chance of burning during a dripping/ dipping session. A simple way of reducing the risk of burning is to stop inhaling for a few seconds while releasing the button. This will draw cool air which will keep your atomizer or cartomizer cooler and then you can vape for a longer period of time.

Cleaning your Cartomizer

You can simply clean them with alcohol or just soak them in vodka, let them dry for at least 12hours before reusing them or refilling them. Sometime there is a disturbance in the packing; you can rearrange the packing with a toothpick.