Regulations Related To Electronic CIgarettes

The risks associated with smoking are not unknown to anybody, whether they smoke or not. While the government keeps warning its citizens to quit the injurious habit of smoking, it raises at least twelve billion pounds as taxes from the sales of cigarette packs.

According to many organizations, even vapor producing devices (electronic cigarettes) cause harm to human body apart from motivating young individuals to take up this habit. But these charges were ruled out after extensive researches done by New Zealand health department and Boston University proving e-cigarettes are not dangerous to lungs or heart. Although we have heard about multiple safety laws being applied by the government in the work related areas to avoid deaths but no such regulations are passed to ban smoking that causes hundreds and thousands of deaths every year.

By passing any strict law related to smoking, the government will have to raise the same amount of money from other taxes which obviously would be a difficult task. Earlier solutions like gums, arm patches, inhalers, etc did not leave any mark on the tobacco or cigarette industry but electronic cigarettes are here to stay.

Due to the simple yet satisfying experience of electronic cigarettes like the Volt e cig, a huge number of people have started smoking the new smokeless cigarettes. The major reason for such an aggressive move is because electronic cigarettes are not just safe and healthy for smokers but also save money. An average smoker is spending seventy percent less than what he used to spend on regular cigarettes. Since the device has to be purchased just once, the government can earn some faction of taxes through the sales of electronic liquid. There are chances, however, that the time is not far when regulations will also be applied on electronic cigarettes as well in order to offset taxes lost from tobacco.