The Composition Of E-Liquids

E Cig E-liquids from companies like Backwoods Brew are the mixtures that are used to produce vapor in an electronic cigarette. E-liquids are made up of a few separate liquids than can be easily bought separately and mixed at home as well. All in all most e-liquids contain nicotine, flavoring and diluents. The compositions of these are discussed below in further detail

Nicotine is an element that no e-liquid can do without. Since some level of nicotine has to be present in the mixture to create a satisfying vapor, it simply has to be added. There is some criticism about this since it is an addictive substance but it cannot be eliminated entirely although the nicotine strength itself can be lowered simply by adding less. The chemical name of nicotine is pyridine and it is an alkaloid. The nicotine that is used in e cigs is made primarily from tobacco leaves. Fractional distillation is used to filter the liquid out and it is rather a complex process.

Next comes the flavoring which is very important because it directly influences your entire vaping experience. Many people are extremely choosey about their flavor blends and they have their particular favorites which might be from certain brands. Some vapers like whipping up their very own custom blends in which they mix a variety of different flavors that are sold separately. You can also place a custom order with many brands online for flavors that you are fond of. Flavors are brought into the nicotine liquid to counteract the taste and make the vapor more desirable. Brands like Backwoods Brew sell pre-mixed e-liquids as well as separate ones in bottles and often liquids from the same brand mix well together.

The last component that goes into the final creation of an e-liquid is the diluent. This diluent can be one of a few different types and the one you choose depends largely on your preferences and vaping style. Propylene Glycol is one which is a little sweet and the other is Vegetable Glycerin which is a common substance found in many types of commercially sold food items. There are other diluents out there but these two are by far the most popular.