Why Doesn’t My Electronic Cigarette Produce Vapor?

A health trend that has taken over the world by storm is the use of electronic cigarettes. Heavy smokers as well as light smokers are shifting to electronic cigarettes as they are economical, eco friendly and trendy. Smokers can use these devices in the public without having to worry about paying fines because they do not produce second hand smoke. All they produce are water vapors.

Charge The Battery Properly

It is crucial to charge the battery of your electronic cigarette as it won’t generate water vapors if it is not fully charged as we show in our review of volt e cig. Hence, when you are not using the device it is advisable to charge it. The light on the electronic cigarette is used to monitor the status of its battery. If the light is dim or is blinking it means that the device needs to be charged.

Change The Cartridge

Electronic cigarette’s cartridge needs to be replaced repeatedly. The atomizer, a component between the battery and cartridge, uses the e-juice to produce vapor. If the supply of e-juice is not sufficient then the atomizer won’t be able to generate adequate vapor and you might not be able to enjoy your smoke. It is always a good idea to monitor the amount of vapor that your device is generating. If you feel that the vapors are getting less, each time you use your device, then you should change the cartridge.

Plug The Air Holes

If you look closely there are air holes on the outside casing of electronic cigarettes. You should cover all these air holes with a tape but leave one hole open. This will curtail the airflow into the electronic cigarette and you will notice an increase in the vapor. However, keep in mind that you might need to put in some extra effort to take a puff.