Why Switch To Electronic Cigarettes?

In the last few years there has been a sharp increase in the demand for electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes look exactly the same as traditional cigarettes but they operate in a different manner. They do burn nicotine but they offer more benefits than their counterpart.

At first when electronic cigarettes like Backwoods Brew were introduced, they were not able to satisfy smokers’ needs as they didn’t produce sufficient vapor. However, over the years the product has gone through several phases of improvements and the latest electronic cigarettes produce much more vapor than the older version.

The majority of electronic cigarettes that are sold today come with an atomizer that is fixed into the cartridge. It is the atomizer that generates vapors when a smoker takes a puff. The cartridge is disposable and usually has a usage life of one month. Smokers also have an option to choose different flavored cartridges.

On the other hand, according to recent studies it has been proved that electronic cigarettes help smokers quit the habit of smoking more effectively. Users of electronic cigarettes have also stated that after they switched to electronic cigarettes they experienced a steady decline in their consumption of traditional cigarettes.

Despite of offering several benefits to smokers, the two most important benefits of electronic cigarettes like the Backwoods Brew brand are that they don’t product any second hand smoke and they only contain 4 chemicals. This means that smokers can enjoy their cigarette anywhere without having to worry about paying fines and penalties. Electronic cigarettes are probably one of the best inventions to date for smokers. They don’t pose any health related concerns and they are also odorless. Recent surveys have also confirmed that electronic cigarettes is likely to grow in the future as more and more smokers are willing to try this product.