Attractive E Cigs For Women

There are two potential differences between e cigs for women and e cigs for men. One is size; the other is color. Actually, a third difference can often sneak in: price.

You won’t have to necessarily pay extra for thinner, more elegant vape pens, but there is room for considerable expense to be added on and consumers will often buy into the idea of a ladies’-only product.

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South Beach Smoke Curve


This is a beautiful vape pen with a unique shape unlike any other device out there. It is an eGo style battery, so it will have a nice battery life.

South Beach Smoke also offers a large line of e-liquids for your device, and you will never run out of choices with their selection!




Slim E Cig Gig

Traditional Virginia Slims are skinny cigarettes made for the smaller, daintier hands of many women. Of course, lots of women have beefy hands and don’t hold any truck with daintiness. Many men appreciate a slim cigarette.

You can say the women’s e cig market is being discriminatory and following stereotypes here, but the industry is simply trying to make some basic and recognizable distinctions. As always, there are exceptions to each rule.

In this case, slim e cigs will resemble the dimensions of Virginia Slims. Smaller batteries, however, do not provide everything their thicker counterparts can produce. Consumers exchange comfort and style for power.

Thin on Power

After charging for a couple of hours, slim batteries last for about the same length of time. They are usually rated around 180 mAh or 190 mAh at the most which is roughly what a very small mini cig will give you.

A lot of cigalike businesses have upgraded so that 280 mAh is standard owing to the frustration vapers face when a battery needs replenishing several times daily. Think of slender e cigs as public products; the kinds you only use when you want to promote an image of femininity and good taste. At home, pull out your trust EVOD or a pink iStick 30W box mod.

High on Style

Many slim e cigs bear the marks of considerable thought; feminine designs and shiny, rich colors like deep purple or floral patterns. A regular LED tip is covered with a genuine or fake crystal so light shining through is refracted like a gem. There are special cases, pink lanyards, and crystal or rhinestone-encrusted batteries of pink or champagne.

Triple Seven E Cig carries women’s kits and batteries including “bling” cells. The Innokin Lily leaves a trail of leaves and flowers. Many eGo devices are likewise encrusted but more powerful than the usual cigalike.

Shop in person at a store run by women and they might sell something you would be unashamed to give as a gift to the most recent female vaping convert in your life; the one who’s Chihuahua wears a rhinestone dog collar and pink bowl in her fur.

High in Price

When a company promotes its feminine side, there is a price to pay. Consumers pay more for beauty in spite of losing power. Some companies carry high-end starter kits packed with accessories such as e cig necklaces, fancy cases and clutches, and mirrored PCCs.

Take Vapor Couture, for instance. This affiliate of V2 Cigs sells 5 starter kits worthy of Paris Hilton and other socialites. The Maximale Kit is probably the most expensive package available in the United States with a fashionable Smart Phone clutch, PCC, and other accessories to go with the essential parts: batteries and cartomizers.

E Juice for Women

E cigs for women are frequently paired with what the company considers to be feminine cartomizer flavors. They are the e liquid equivalent of girly drinks, I suppose. These either bear fashionable names or boast fruity cocktail combos. At Vapor Couture, examples include Rodeo Drive (a tobacco named for one of America’s most elite shopping districts), Passion Fruit, and Strawberry Champagne.

Alternative Arrangements

Savvy women with their eye on price don’t have to buy e cigs designed for women. They can buy regular devices designed for the general public sold in pretty colors. V2 Cigs sells pink varieties of their standard batteries. Among their EX series batteries is a “Bloom” bearing vapory flowers.

The Smokeless Image Volt mini cig comes in a rainbow of shades; something for every color palette and stylistic preference. Vapor4Life carries pretty-colored cells, and so do many other companies. You aren’t paying more for a change of color.

Green Smoke’s accessories include some shiny hard cases. All-purpose vaping vendors selling eGos often carry various styles and shades of eGo skins, lanyards, and soft or hard carry cases.

More Vapor for Women

To explore your feminine side or satisfy the pretty princess living inside your wife or girlfriend, try these companies. Vapor Couture and Triple Seven provide just two options. Vaping Vamps and Vapor J’Adore have entered the market too.

For instance, Vapor J’Adore makes kits with attractive purple cases, soft-tipped cartomizers, elegant crystal tipped batteries, and slender cells. Vaping Vamps’ kits feature a lot of black trimmed with rich purple.


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