Australian Brands

In Australia, you are more likely to encounter an American or UK brand of e cigs repackaged for an Aussie audience than an Australian brand in its own right. Putting aside the fact that Australian e-cig brands and virtually every single model sold in every country worldwide is really made in China, brand names are particularly associated with American companies if those firms are big enough to cross world boundaries and interested in dominating global markets. There are also many popular Chinese brands to contend with such as Innokin and Joyetech.

Some Crossover Successes

Several brands have made their way to Australia from the US to great success. Apollo, V2, Volcano, Halo, and Vaporfi have each found an audience in this antipodean market. Eversmoke, Green Smoke, and others have done the same. Liberty Flights started in the UK but Vaper Empire is an Australian name of some repute with a classy image.

Vaper Empire

Vantage Starter Kit

Former smokers flock to Vaper Empire where they market an elegant selection of devices in black and chrome starting with the mini cig format (a V-Pack) and going up to the 1500mAh eGo style (Venture vaporizers). They seek to bring a good type of change to smokers and supply existing vapers with a quality alternative to cheap disposables, thanks to their affordable rechargeable system; something positive on the environmental front too.

They got started in 2011. Now, vapers in Australia and around the world are familiar with the V-Pack, Venture, Vantage, and Viva e cigs. The Viva Titanium contains a titanium heating element which won’t burn down as quickly as cheap coils or produce a burnt flavor the way those other ones do. All of these are sold in economical starter kits. Their e juices are designed to complement a vaper’s tastes whether simple or refined.

Liberty Flights

Liberty Flights EVOD 2


This UK company has developed a solid reputation spanning the past 7 years, a reputation spreading across the world. They are founding members of the Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association and makers of intermediate devices unlike the V-Pack.

There are no cigalikes here, but their eGo-type devices are still user-friendly and often preferred by beginners. Their starter kits provide an inexpensive way to begin vaping with all the necessary pieces, and they also list their own brand of e juice called Liberty Flights XO. Liberty Flights has received strong ratings from Australian vapers and vape writers.

V2 Cigs

V2 Beginner's Kit

The V2 model ranked highest is actually their girlie Vapor Couture line, an off-shoot of the regular V2 Classic and their EX Series. VC skinny e cigs come in several fashionable shades and six e juice styles. They aren’t powerful but Vapor Couture e cigs possess a lot of glitz and glamor.

Starter Sets come with clutch purses and necklace charms and the ends are all tipped with “gems.” If you don’t expect tons of vapor or heat but love a mini cig that looks great with your outfit, V2’s Vapor Couture e cig is a great choice. As for the usual vaper, V2 Classic and EX Series e cigs are also a crossover success and V2 offers 12 standard cartridge and e liquid flavors.

Halo E Cigs

Halo G6 E cig

The G6 is an American classic where cigalikes are concerned. Available in several colors, this simple, user-friendly mini cig comes in a gorgeous gift box and operates in two possible formats: manual or automatic. Automatic e cigs are activated by puffing, but if you own a manual, press the button first to produce vapor and save on battery power.

Halo produces award-winning e juice in a reasonable selection of flavors favoring tobacco as a base note. They have also expanded, developing an eGo-type Triton, the Tracer APV, and a box mod called the Reactor.

Apollo Electronic Cigarettes Down Under

Apollo Extreme Kit

Again, the Americans have conquered Australia, this time with a brand named for a series of NASA ships, evocative of American innovation and cutting edge technological prowess. Their line consists of one mini cig and, like Halo, several more advanced machines like the Valiant and their Endeavor. Apollo makes its own line of e juice, also an award-winning series, and made in the USA to strict standards also in common with the likes of Halo and VaporFi.

VaporFi in Oz

VaporFi Express e cig

Australia and the world were hit with an explosion of e cig opportunity when VaporFi expanded their menu of mods. Recent years have seen some reshuffling. A few intermediate mods were phased out, making room for progressive equipment such as a number of VOX box mods including a few TC models.

Their e juice is the scene stealer, though. First there were thousands of choices thanks, to a custom juice ordering system, still in play. Then a Reserve sub ohm menu containing more VG was introduced followed by an even thicker variety known as the Grand Reserve. Australians like to do things their own way and I would love to see how their favorite flavors differ from those in the United States and England.

Australian E Cig Laws

Let’s wrap up with a word about the law in Australia. They don’t permit vendors to sell e cigs containing nicotine. You can order them from overseas, thanks to the internet and rapid shipping, but not from an Australian convenience store. Like shops in Canada, Australian corner shops only sell nicotine-free disposables.

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