Kanger Protank

Versions one and two of the Kanger Protank sold well and continue to be sold on various e-cig websites and at retail outlets, but Kanger is never satisfied. This Chinese company’s research and development department has brought out a third version, which possesses many of the same traits but is not identical.

Why Do Customers Rely on Kanger?

What makes Kanger such a reliable brand when there are lots of other, cheaper clearomizers available? Quality is the essential point, but others will be made below. Not everyone prefers Kanger or this model, and their products are not perfect. Still, a Kanger Protank experiences fewer issues with leakage and breakage than many other models besides offering many desirable features.

Kanger ProtanksA Kanger Protank Review

Each of the three Kanger Protank tanks is a rebuildable clearomizer. The pieces of many clearomizers are glued together, which makes them cheap to make but disposable, wasteful, and expensive over time. With a rebuildable clearomizer, the consumer can replace atomizer heads and also clean the tank periodically.

Every version of the tank is 510-threaded and compatible with many devices including spinners and regular eGo batteries. The Pyrex tank can be replaced too, which is cheaper than throwing out the whole thing including the base.

What were the Improvements to Kanger Protank?

Improvements included making the base stronger both times the model was improved upon. The coil is different in Version III and is not interchangeable with coil from versions I and II.

Buying a Protank

Remaining stock of the Kanger Protank I sells for around $15 or $16. The newest model can be found for less than $20. Almost every electronic cigarette retailer carrying clearomizers at all (or glassomizers, as these are sometimes called) lists the Kanger Protank. If you do not see this brand, that could be because a retailer chooses not to sell clearomizers due to issues with the wick, leakage, and the option to go for a tank system for better flavor and vapor.

Appearance of the Kanger Protank

The essential thing about a Kanger Protank that never changes is its appearance. It looks like a baby bottle without curves owing to the rounded metal mouthpiece, just not soft like a baby bottle teat. There are no color choices: it is a practical device, not a fashion statement.

Using the Protank

A lot of clearomizers are cheaper than this one because they are disposable and are made of plastic. Being made of glass, the Protank can be filled with all types of juices. That includes the many styles said to break plastic tanks because their contents are too acidic. The common trouble-makers include orange, lemon, grapefruit, and other acidic fruit styles. Another style is cinnamon-heavy juice like hot candy. You can use the Kanger Protank with juices which your Stardust cannot handle.