American Made

There is no reason at all to buy Chinese e-liquid in the United States. Unless you prefer it, then American e-liquid abound and lots of high quality products too. You can buy a bottle of American-made juice, 10 ml for $5, and it will taste pretty darn good.

Not only that, but with the selection out there, one has no shortage of flavor choices and some control over the quality of production and ingredients. All you have to do to ensure you are vaping USP-grade ingredients blended and bottled in a suitable facility is to buy only those products that are labeled thus and make your feelings known to the companies that are not transparent. Don’t buy from anyone that won’t share even these minimum details.


It’s not as important to know the ratio of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. You should ask about which juices crack tanks if you are currently using polycarbonate clearomizers.

American E-Liquid Brands

Some of the best loved e-juices in the US are Johnson Creek, GoodeJuice, Mountain Oak, Mount Baker Vapor, Crystal Canyon Vapes (CCVapes), and Halo Purity. These are just 6 out of many. To name them all would turn a review into a list, and that won’t help you make choices. The juices listed here are featured on websites operated by the people who make them so there is an abundance of information about them. Take a closer look at what they offer.

Halo Purity E Liquid

Go to a vapor store with a long lineup of artisan-quality juices and Halo Purity might be there. It’s rated highly, yet not as expensive as most top-shelf e liquids. Also, Halo itself is a reputable company. That reputation is not taken lightly and the company takes pride in telling customers just what is inside their liquid. Only USP, kosher vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol are used. Their nicotine is USP-grade, 99.9% pure, and sourced in America. The lab where they make their juice is a professional environment, not a kitchen.

Flavors include Tribeca (a smooth tobacco), Twisted Java (espresso, caramel, macadamia nut, and peppermint), and Tiki Juice (spiced tobacco.) Halo also carries 20 others.


Crystal Canyon sells e cig hardware, but it’s their e-liquid for which this company in Arizona has earned some fame. Their flavors contain 100% USP-grade ingredients without additives such as colorants. The ratio of their liquids is either 50/50 or 70% PG, 30% VG. Try a fruit blend like Calypso (pineapple, orange, guava, papaya, apple, and passion fruit), Dark Forest (peppermint, cappuccino, and coffee), or Beechwood (honey tobacco).

Johnson Creek: Beyond Blu

Johnson Creek supplies the flavors found in BluCig cartomizers. Those are for Blu only. Johnson Creek also sells many other flavors and are well known for their various tobacco styles. The most intriguing thing about Johnson Creek is that theirs was the first Smoke Juice made in the United States starting 6 years ago (2008).


This firm from Illinois uses naturally extracted tobacco juices to create lab-grade products in the United States. These include High Octane, M-Type, and Emerald Square. High Octane tastes like an unfiltered cigarette, so it’s kind of harsh. The M-Type mimics the style of lite cigs. Emerald Square blends menthol and smooth tobacco.

Mountain Oak, Tennessee

The good people at Mountain Oak make their e-liquid right in Tennessee, down the road from their business premises. It contains USP certified propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. Flavors like Vanilla Dream, Peppermint Bard, and Pendragon (Cavendish and Burley tobaccos plus cherry and vanilla) are just scratching the surface of what they can supply.

Mount Baker Vapor

This is one of Americans’ favorite e-liquid providers with a huge line of juices and the option for customers to design their own e-liquid as well. Old Fashioned e-juice blends fruit with amaretto. Rhythm and Rhyme is a rendition of icy menthol, icier than other versions. Lemon Bar tastes like lemon cake. Their products are made fresh in the United States.

Where to Get American E-Liquid

Customers can buy these liquids online directly from the vendor. Each company runs an online store. Some of these firms also run brick-and-mortar stores or their juices are carried by other shops. Halo is often sold by online vendors, but their products also featured at vapor lounges.

More Names

This is just the start of what awaits you. Try Space Jam, Omega, Rocket Fuel, or Heather’s Heavenly Vapes. Find out what your e cig vendor is making (Mad Vapes carries a proprietary brand of e liquid, which is also American-made and mighty good stuff).

What to Pay

You shouldn’t be paying $1 per ml, but $0.80 is common for top-class e juice (The Standard, Five Pawns, and Villain Vapors, to name a few). Several companies have started selling at even higher prices but there is nothing to suggest their products warrant such greediness. Mount Baker Vapor is highly regarded by many folks and although some flavors reportedly taste unnatural, you just have to try a lot of different ones to hit on the best flavors for you. Their prices can’t be beaten, not even by imported liquids.