Halo Purity Smoke Juice

Halo Cigs e liquid (known as Purity) is almost too popular for its own good. The company is so nervous about someone trying to copy it that they refuse to divulge their ratios. Whether this sounds paranoid or not, customers don’t really need to know unless their atomizers depend on it. Regulatory bodies are more interested in safety standards.

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What Do We Know so Far?

Right now, consumers know that Halo’s Purity liquid is very popular, so much so that many e-tailers carry this juice next to Suicide Bunny and Uncle Junk’s. It can hold its own against the best.

Another thing we know is that this liquid is made in the United States to FEMA/GRAS standards from USP-grade base liquids. They also use 99% pure nicotine plus natural and artificial flavorings. Their flavors heavily favor menthol and tobacco, even the ones under a “gourmet” heading.

Halo E-LiquidBuying their Juice

Halo Cigs e liquid is available on their site for $5.99 (7mls) or $14 (30mls). Do not be prepared to pay more than that: I’ve seen at least one online store trying to sell Halo products including their nicotine juice for a higher price.

Prime 15 is earthy, dry, sweet tobacco with a bass line of cocoa. Granny Smith apples are the particular fruits of a Midnight Apple tobacco.

Taste Tahitian Tobacco in Tiki Juice: spiced, tropical with a breath of menthol. It’s almost sweet enough to be a dessert.

Torque 56 provides the throat hit of a simple, authentic cigarette. Tribeca is Halo’s top flavor.

Cool Mist is straightforward, clean menthol. For triple the coolness, try SubZero.

Shamrock might be a dark chocolate vape, but there is that underlying Corsican mint to make you think of mint chocolate cookies or Grasshopper ice cream.

Even their Twisted Java contains peppermint, this time blended with espresso, macadamia nuts, and caramel.

Belgian Cocoa is one of the few flavors not infused with menthol. This one features dry cocoa, with a richer seam of chocolate. It’s not too heavy or rich.

Flavor Profiles

You will notice many flavors within each flavor, but they do not compete. They form layers, each one working together like the notes of a piano chord. One is the focal point, but the others support and enhance it.

Also Available

Halo sells an unflavored e liquid base called Fusion. This is available in the same ratios of nicotine as flavored juices plus one: 0.6% to 3.6% (regular juice only goes up to 2.4%). Everything you need is in the bottle except flavoring. You will have to buy that somewhere else, but Halo sells empty bottles for you to pour homemade juice into and label as you please.