General e liquid is fine for the average vaper; a blend of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG), probably high PG or a balance of the two. Most people are happy if their ingredients are USP-grade and many don’t even care. They are more particular about the price, not purity.

Healthy Vaping

A growing number of vapers, however, is concerned about rumors that e juice is unsafe; at least their flavorings are. These individuals are the same people who only buy food that does not contain artificial flavors or colors.

They are also suspicious of propylene glycol or might be allergic to it. To satisfy this group, a number of companies have either added organic series to existing juice lines or built-up around the premise of offering pure products.

Four Companies

Let’s look at four firms which make big promises. Velvet Cloud, EC Blend, Kind Juice, and Alchemy all promise their juices are organic. They are American companies blending their juices on American soil where they have total control over the production process. The oldest could be Velvet Cloud which got its start in 2011. Here is a closer look at these four American companies.

Velvet Cloud

Two girls in San Francisco decided that if they were going to vape, they wanted to be sure they were not vaping rubbish made just anywhere (referring to overseas, perhaps) from sub-standard, allergenic ingredients. Since other vapers in their surrounds were of the same mind and were willing to pay for organic juice, they formed a business that sells products online and through authorized distributors. In their words, “if the local farmer’s market made e liquid, this would be it.”

Velvet Cloud makes almost 30 blends of vapor juice with up to 18 mg of nicotine in them costing $9.90 for 15 ml (less than many other gourmet blenders using non-organic ingredients). Wrap your lips around White Beard Tobacco (butterscotch-custard), Nutty Cookie, Strawb-Gwab (strawberry-guava), or Vanilla Custard. Juices contain just vegetable glycerin, no coloring, no artificial sweeteners, are all-natural, pure, and made by hand in small batches.

EC Blend

Again, these are 100% VG e liquids made from certified-organic, all-natural ingredients. They are kosher, vegan, and gluten-free (I think most juices are free of gluten). The cost per 5 ml is $2.85 with up to 36 mg of nicotine and several other bottle sizes to choose from.

Here are some you might like to try: Black Cherry, Big Bubble (gum), Chocolate Dipped Banana, Waffle, Red Apple, Peach Cantaloupe, and Pecan. Their list is pretty impressive. This is my top choice for quality, variety, and affordability combined, and I guess a lot of other vapers would share the same stand.

Kind Juice

Paying $13.25 for 15 ml is awfully expensive when you think what Velvet Cloud and EC Blends have managed, but maybe there are some extra-special guarantees at Kind Juice. Their liquids are non-GMO and contain no artificial flavorings, sweeteners, or dyes. No pesticides were used in the making of these liquids and no nano-technology or synthetic biology was involved either.

Any alcohol in flavorings was derived from organic cane sugar. Since nothing is mentioned about these features by the above companies (such as nano-technology or genetic modification), I can’t tell you if the Kind Juice is fundamentally different or worth so much money.

Flavors like Indonesian Clove, Alpine Frost, and Route 66 (Classic American Tobacco) are just three from a small menu which also includes a dripping series. I would expect to pay more for organic liquid; it’s just that Velvet Cloud and EC Blends prove I do not have to.

Alchemy E-Juice

Since 2012, Alchemy of the South Bay-Redondo Beach area (California) has been making 100% VG e juice from all-natural, organic ingredients. They utilize certified organic, USP, food-grade flavorings, USP nicotine from tobacco, and charge $13 for 15 ml. This is high once more, but only slightly more than gourmet juice. Flavors include Apple Jax, Brambleberry, and Canta-a-Mint.

Natural or Organic?

Some companies tout products as “natural” which consumers might take literally or even interpret as “organic.” It’s possible neither one of your assumptions is true.

Many companies making “organic” liquids use organic VG but flavor it with artificial extracts. Some companies refer to the use of “natural” flavors but they don’t say “all-natural” because this would be fibbing. “Natural” and “organic” are not synonyms either: you have to realize that even a natural flavoring could be derived from plants and fruits grown using non-organic or GMO methods.

A higher price per ml is no guarantee of higher quality either. As seen above, there are some fine examples of organic e juice priced close to what regular, even factory-made e liquid costs. Remember, though, that organic juice might or might not be blended and bottled in a sterile setting.