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So I set out to try South Beach Smoke’s insanely long list of e-liquids recently. Here is my take on them; in a nutshell, they’ve got tons to offer, amazing quality, and a really great selection of flavor. I was very much impressed with the amount of standards they have in place, the performance (I mean monster clouds), and overall ability to do a great job. Keep reading, it gets better, and I go in depth on all areas you need to know about!


Vaping for foodies, picky people, vape snobs, and anyone who takes flavor very much to heart. First things first, you get with a brand like SBS when you want awesome flavor, and lots of it. With their option of custom blending, they make some 30,000 flavors available, and they are always coming out with more.

SBS makes it really nice for flavor junkies, and there is no limit on cool ones. Cereal e-liquid flavors, gourmet dessert e-liquid flavors, cocktail e-liquid flavors, and all kinds of just about everything else you could think of. Fire and Ice gum, Grape Hookah, White Tea, Dulce De Leche, Amaretto… the list goes on and on, and I know I’m excited to try more. You will be too!

South beach smoke e juice testingManufacturing Standards

No one in the industry can touch South Beach Smoke, or their parent company, IVG. They really do beat everyone on standards, and if you’re concerned about your e-liquid safety, fret none because they got it all under control.

Think the FDA is in the dark? Not with these guys. They have all of their formulas on file with the FDA, plus they provide all of their formulas to them just for reassurance. While these types of standards are not yet regulated, they do this to ensure that they are ahead of the approaching regulations, and they want to keep things as upfront as possible.

They have lot numbers on all liquid bottles, and all bottles are fitted with child-proof caps for added safety. And, as you’d expect from people who cover everything, all e-liquids from South Beach Smoke are made in the USA; they are really, really fresh!


The quality here is everything you could ask for. They have so many standards in place, and they aim to create really exceptional liquids. All South Beach Smoke liquids are diacetyl-free, all ingredients are USP Kosher, and all liquids are made to be inhalation-grade, so seriously they were made for inhalation.

They use Malaysian Palm glycerin to steer clear of peanut sources, which can be problematic for people who are allergic. The end result is superiorly smooth, clean-tasting, hard hitting, major cloud forming e-liquids that leave no nasty aftertaste in their wake, and are really delicious: a total testament to the quality.


As mentioned above, the taste is excellent. Flavors come across clean, pure, and with no aftertaste. The purity from the quality ingredients, being USA made, and having perfected the formula, I can’t think of any better tasting e-liquids. I wasn’t paid to say that, either. ;)


The performance capabilities of South Beach Smoke e-liquids impressed me off the bat. They taste great, as mentioned above, but they last a while through heavy usage in a 2.5 ml tank, and they produce a vapor that comes across very smooth, yet full. They give users a choice between PG/VG ratios of 50/50 or 70/30.

The hits are clean and strong, and yes it really makes a difference when you have a powerful vape behind it, but you cannot underestimate the power of great liquid. It makes a tremendous difference in the outcome, and I am a big believer in good juice. South Beach Smoke liquid passes this test with flying colors.


Not many negatives, I’d recommend this brand’s liquids to anyone, however there is not a big selection of savory flavors. They don’t ignore this sector entirely, it’s just they could add a few more robust flavors, in my opinion.

There is an abundance of sweet flavors, practically whole categories of them, so a few more things like maybe ginger, chili, bacon, and basil (seriously) would be great. Yes, as you can tell, I dig intense flavor, but there’s no way I’m the only one!

Final Outcome

Overwhelmingly good. Very few negatives, and I mean very few. I will definitely be using this brand more often, and absolutely recommend them to anyone looking for quality, performance, and flavors that actually taste great. E-juice companies don’t come better than this one, glad to share the love with you!

Check out the South Beach Smoke e-juice line here

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