Best Sub-Ohm E-Juices For Dripping and Big Clouds

So what is sub-ohm vaping exactly, and what is dripping?

Sub ohm vaping produces more vapor, and it does this by using an atomizer with a resistance level of less than 1 ohm.

What this does is let more electrical current run through, and the lower resistance, the more it allows. And the electrical current increases exponentially, as resistance is lower.

So, for lower and lower resistance levels, you then need more power to operate, and especially for really low, like 0.2-0.1 ohms, you need a high powered device.

Dripping is just dripping your juice directly on the heating element (atomizer/atomizer coil), rather than putting a pre-filled cartomizer or refillable tank.

Sub-ohm devices will work with any type of e juice you want. It can be made from 100% propylene glycol (PG) if you’re looking for throat hit and love tobacco flavors. The result could still be impressive with the help of a high-temperature setting, but it won’t appear dramatic.

Most people would not buy a sub-ohm mod with PG e juices in mind. Their purpose would be to try and create plumes for competitions and for their own pleasure. They would be seeking to join fellow vapers experimenting with mod settings and suitable e liquids. The best sub ohm vape juice usually contains at least 50% vegetable glycerin (VG).

Top Vapor Juices for Sub Ohm Vaping

Your list might look different from mine, but that’s one reason the sub-ohm community is such a fun one to belong to. In recent months, selection has grown so much that consumers will have no problem finding a VG-heavy liquid known for producing tons of vapor on a Sigelei 100W or a 50 Watt iStick.


Firebrand e juice bottle

Several of their general juices have been adapted to become dripping liquids.

There are eight:

• Super Nova: blueberry, lime, and pineapple
• Purple Rain: grape
• Polar Chill: candy cane
• Daredevil: strawberry licorice
• The Elvis: peanut butter, bacon, and banana
• Whiplash: strawberry and watermelon
• Bottle Rocket: wild cherry, lemon ice, and blue raspberry
• Crixus: roasted nuts and tobacco

Fruit plays a heavy role in the formation of sub ohm vape juice because vegetable glycerin is sweeter than propylene glycol. It carries sweet flavors like desserts and fruits better than PG, but also produces less throat hit. That’s where sub-ohm vaping with a great setup including a really good tank can help. As you can see, Firebrand includes a tobacco e juice in their lineup which is uncommon.

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Vaporfi Reserve & Grand Reserve Collections

Vaporfi Reserve and Grand Reserve

This is a line of juice that was launched specifically for sub-ohm vaping and cloud chasing, with 60-70% VG (Vegetable Glycerin). All are steeped or aged and served in a beautiful 30ml glass bottle for the best flavor.

Choose from a simple collection of flavors, all carefully created with the most perfect flavor in mind, as possible. Choose from Cloud Candy, Catch Ya Latte, Rainbow Custard, Pineapple Pow, Monkey Velvet and a few others.

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Velvet VaporsVelvet Vapors

A long list of flavors at Velvet Vapors is available in multiple formats: high PG, high VG, organic, etc. There are a lot of possibilities: all you have to do is think of a fruit or a dessert and it’s probably there. Vape Cola Float, Cheesecake, Apple Hookah, or Apricot. Flavors are generally simple unlike the gourmet styles from other companies.

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cosmic fog logoCosmic Fog

This is one of the most well known brands (and most popular) in the juice industry, and they come in a 50/50 VG/PG blend, which is a nice mix for low ohms.

They offer just 6 flavors:

  • Nuts
  • Milk and Honey
  • Cola Gummy
  • Church
  • The Shocker
  • Kryptonite

Between these 6 flavors, they cover a pretty broad of various flavors, such as marshmallows (milk and honey), fruity (Kryptonite, Nuts and The Shocker), cola (Cola Gummy of course), and ice cream sundae (Church).

Cosmic Fog Milk & Honey

They have made quite the name for themselves with just siz flavors, and are situated in sunny California.

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The Standard

The Standard Dead Mans Party

Over the years, this early contributor to gourmet e liquid has added a few styles, but there hasn’t been much change lately. You don’t need to change a menu that’s working for you and for customers.

A couple of the flavors are mysterious, but Tater reminds vapers of chocolate. Thumper is sweet and sour. Slow Mo should evoke orange creamsicle. Frankenvape (their most popular juice) blends kiwi and marshmallow. With Curious Jorge, it’s all about banana. Vape crème brulee with citrus when you crack open a bottle of Cell Block 4.

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Charlie Noble

Charlies custard

All of their liquids could be used in a sub-ohm vaping device, but Charlie Noble has created a special line just for this purpose. Admiral’s Reserve e liquids could help you create proud clouds.

Good Cookie is of the chocolate chip variety. You’ll be thinking back to childhood with PB Cereal. Here is another tobacco juice for sub-ohm tanks: pistachio RY4. Like other offerings in this style, you taste mild tobacco, caramel, vanilla, and pistachio. Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream is rich and sweet.

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namberepicloudsNamber Epiclouds

Namber is made by a vape juice super couple who would surprise everyone if they weren’t up to speed with sub-ohm juices. Their list of 6 is Strawberry Circus, Oasis Mist, Cartomator Crush, Doughnut Pounder, Glacier Banana, and Mom’s Pineapple Cake.

Strawberry Circus tastes like strawberry candy. Oasis Mist is named for a pineapple-coconut tropical drink. That pineapple cake really does remind you of a moist baked treat. Cartomator Crush combines strawberries and pink champagne. A Doughnut Pounder is just a glazed donut that you can blow rings through. Creamy banana and menthol gave birth to Glacier Banana.

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More about Sub Ohm Juices

A VW mod and tank with airflow control allow vapers to control their experience precisely. Expert combinations of watts, resistance, and airflow amplify what is best about a juice. A poor combination can’t hurt a good juice, but skill won’t make terrible juice taste better.

You paid a lot of money for this system, so prepare to pay $12 for a 15-ml bottle. Don’t cheap out after dropping $150 on your mod-tank system.