E juice is a little like wine. There are wonderful labels that cost so much one would only buy a bottle as a treat or to give as a gift. Some are excellent yet priced well below the standard cost for top-shelf juices. Then there are e liquids that do not deserve to share the same shelf with these brands; juices that frequently present a nasty after-taste or are blended in suspicious conditions.

As a vaper, you are presented with well over a hundred labels of e juice and a puzzle: which are good and which are inferior? How do you narrow them down when price alone is not always a helpful indicator? One way to limit the choices is to sign up for a subscription.

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E Juice Subscription Services

E liquid subscription companies are no longer new, but there are new versions entering the market place. They present unique methods of selling monthly plans and carry different menus of e juices, usually the best types. Craft Vapory and Zamplebox are two such companies which have gained popularity with vapers. Here is how they work.

Monthly Surprises

These are just like wine club memberships. Each month, the vaper receives a box containing a certain number of bottles: four or six perhaps, which contain a total minimum volume of e juice. When broken down by milliliter, the cost of high-end e juice is anything from 45 cents to 60 cents per milliliter: at least 20 cents less than average.

Vapers do not know what they will receive each month. There are usually some brands or flavors in the box they dislike or are indifferent to, but often a new label stands out and they become fans.

Many subscribers only sign up for a couple of months or until such time as they discover the juice or label they will eventually go back to regularly. For them, a subscription was a fact-finding mission. New vapers, for instance, regularly turn to these services as a way to learn.

Another possibility is that after a few months it appears each box contains too many flavors the subscriber does not favor. His monthly fees are a waste and he decides to cut his losses, buying juice one bottle at a time now that he has least ruled out 20 or so which he will never buy.

With many new brands, labels, and flavors coming out, even seasoned vapers find this an exciting way to buy e juice.

Juice Exchanges

In some cases, dud bottles end up going down the drain, but there is another solution to the problem of nasty surprises: arranging a juice exchange. When friends subscribe to these services, they get together and swap flavors because there is a good chance someone thinks your least favorite flavor tastes great. Since e juice subscription companies run their own online community boards and/or Facebook pages, there is instant access to customers in the same boat as you.

Easier Selection Process

There is another way to avoid constantly receiving a shipment of unwanted e juice: narrow down the list. Give the company something to go on when they pull out four or more bottles for your box. Tell them what styles of e liquid you like best and, if possible, the ones you really detest.

There is a chance that even detestable ones will be unexpectedly pleasant, but nip the “what if” factor in the bud and set some parameters. Think of a wine club membership where you would choose red, white, or one of each. You might select wines from your local region, national wines, old-country wines, or new-world varietals.

With a vaping juice box, the selection process is a little different. Bottles will probably all (or mostly) come from the United States, but you can at least choose tobacco, non-tobacco, menthol, non-menthol, fruit, dessert, and other styles of e juice.

Also in the Box

Some boxes features more than e juice. They come with hardware: at least one item. If e cig batteries and tanks are not included in this shipment, they will sometimes be sold separately to members on the subscription site. Becoming a member also gives a customer access to sales of individual bottles which non-members cannot purchase from them and certainly not at such low prices.


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