Suicide Bunny Mother’s Milk

As you all know I’m constantly on the lookout for the latest in starter kits, mods, devices, and of course, e-liquids.

Since I’ve really finally gotten accustomed to using e-liquid with various devices like my Halo Triton battery and my Vapor Zone Pro, I’ve gone out and looked for the most exotic e-liquids man can find.

Today, I found one with a cult following.

Suicide Bunny E-LiquidMothers Milk Suicide Bunny E-Liquid

I found this on what appears to be an online store run by a company called Skyline vapor.  The comments section is what really got me interested in it, and while I wait for my order to arrive, I’ll leave you with some of the highlights:

  • It’s like a marshmallow easter bunny tap dancing on my tongue!!!
  • All the fuss is true definitely a great vape.
  • Hard to describe the flavor, closest thing I can think of is a mixture of apple cider and butterscotch! Whatever it is it is delicious…

Mothers Milk E-Liquid is on it’s way to the Jones household.  I’ll be back very soon with my own comments on what is quickly becoming a cult hit in the e-liquid community.