V2 Cigs E Juice

Among the things vapers know about V2 Cigs e Liquid is the fact that it is decent stuff, sold beyond the V2 Cigs website and used by consumers even when they prefer other models of electronic cigarettes. There are 12 flavors of e liquid and bottles of 25ml or 30ml. Nicotine goes as high as 2.4% and the liquid contains both propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. Each batch is tested for safety and the number features on each bottle.

Finding Answers about V2 Juice

Hunting down information about V2 Cigs e Liquid, even from their home page, is not easy. The site does not present this information right on the e liquids page where it should be posted. Customers should not have to hunt for any information, even if V2 Cigs is able to satisfy the FDA behind the scenes when that agency makes its way to their labs to certify their juice (or not).

For instance, where is V2 Cigs e Liquid made? There is a lot of speculation about this detail and some people believe it comes from the United States, but they are not sure either. Next, where do ingredients come from? Is it foreign liquid mixed in the U.S. or flavorings and nicotine sourced on home turf?

Flavors of V2 Cigs e Liquid

Putting those questions aside, consumers like this juice, divided between three tobacco, three mint/menthol, and 6 specialty flavors. Red is an American tobacco. Sahara resembles Turkish cigarettes. Congress provides a refined taste.

V2 E Juice

Mint/Menthol styles are sweet, refreshing, or infused with green tea.

The two fruits are grape and cherry: basic flavors which one hopes will be added to soon. Their coffee style should taste like it has been mixed with cream and sugar. Milk chocolate, vanilla, and cola round out this selection.

According to the V2 Cigs website, menthol is their most popular type of flavor.


V2 e liquid sampler

Some Helpful Advice for Vapers

A 25ml bottle of V2 Cigs e liquid costing $16.95 should provide 25 uses per cartomizer (that is, about 1ml at a time). Just add 20 drops. By that math, we can see that 50mls (costing $29.95) provides 50 uses.

How do you drop the juice into your cartomizer? Each bottle top has a dropper attached. The price is very good and it could be even better with the help of a coupon code. Buying juice, as with any product on their site, earns customers reward points. Drawing shoppers to the sales site as an affiliate earns them money.

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