Many vendors do not make their own e juice: they buy it from someone else and re-sell it or buy someone else’s juice and blend it to create unique flavors, but they did not start from scratch. Some of these companies purchase a brand and keep the label, becoming authorized re-sellers, but others buy a label and re-brand it. A few companies successfully offer this service to US clients. Here are some facts about e liquid wholesale purchases.

Buying in Bulk

The trouble with finding out information as a casual person on the internet is that information about wholesale prices is not published. You have to phone, make an account, or drop by and have a meeting with the owner of a wholesale company in person. This is probably because vapers would be horrified to know how much profit is added to their 15-ml bottle of e juice.

Numerous vape making companies buy the raw ingredients wholesale and build their own e juice from these basic ingredients. What is wholesale? How much constitutes a wholesale volume?

Just think of how many of an item you have to buy from Innokin or SmokTech for this to be a wholesale purchase. You would be looking at buying thousands of an item. In other words, you need to have the business prospects to sell that much juice before it expires.

It would often be safer to purchase the ingredients and blend juices when they are ordered. This way they are still fresh. You might be able to guarantee sales of a certain number of bottles, but not the flavors; thus, it is better business to custom-blend.

Choosing a Wholesale Provider

While companies like Hangsen and Dekang supply vapor juice to wholesale clients, you would be purchasing from a foreign supplier. China’s standards regarding the purity or quality of ingredients are not the same as those in the United States. Can you be sure they are good enough?

Buy from an American provider, whether purchasing DIY ingredients or the end result. This way you can choose a company that makes juice using FEMA/GRAS flavorings, USA-sourced nicotine plus USP-grade kosher vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol, and glass bottles. You can even specify that ingredients should be organic or that only natural flavorings are acceptable.

Large Bottles

Although not the same as buying wholesale, bulk orders provide similar benefits to the vendor. Wholesale is cheaper, but bulk prices are pretty good for someone who is just getting started. With these, one can buy the largest possible volume a vendor sells and learn to blend existing flavors, experiment with menthol and sweetener, practice bottling for personal consumption, and so on.

Buying Equipment

Some wholesale companies that carry propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavorings, and nicotine also sell the equipment you need to make a go of this endeavor. You will require more equipment if you are going to market your e juice such as gloves, masks, hair nets, air filters, and special bottles.

Labeling Your Bottles of E Liquid for Re-Sale

Many of the top brands of affordable e juice in the United States are pretty good, even though they have not been made in the artisan style. Several were made and bottled by one of a handful of companies in the US which also arranged labeling according to the customer’s graphic preferences. Wholesale labeling is also cheaper than printing in small batches.