Best Vape Pens

There are lots of e liquid pens circulating on the US market, almost all of them made in China. They are eGo pens: devices offering extended battery life. The eGo part is the battery, but it becomes a “pen” when a clearomizer is added to the top. Anything bigger would change the shape, so although a tank would thread onto the device, it would not be as discrete-looking.

Several companies make solid products and many more make cheap clones. They literally fall apart in your hands and are often either DOA or ready to die any minute. Some of the very good brands don’t make e liquid pens but parts which could be combined to form a pen. That’s why my list of the top 5 consists entirely of US brands: the Volcano Inferno, Halo Triton, VaporFi Pro, South Beach Smoke Curve, and Cigavette Mega.

The Top 5 E Liquid Pens: A Quick Look

VaporFi Platinum ProVaporFi Pro Power

With this kit, you only pay $49.99 but will receive a single battery and three extra atomizers. Again, eight colors allow users to get colorful with their pen and these are not clearomizers: only a viewing window shows what’s inside.

Reviews from customers who bought their Pro from VaporFi several months ago report they are still operating beautifully. The Pro is also compatible with a lot of tanks and clearomizers.

*Note* VaporFi has a couple other really awesome e-liquid pens, a couple pro-versions, and some advanced vaporizers, they have an amazing range!


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curveSouth Beach Smoke Curve

This one was only released recently so it hasn’t been put through any tests yet. I’m including it because of the unique shape and because I’m confident in South Beach Smoke.

Their products have always provided quality performance. Sister company VaporFi is reliable. I’m willing to predict that the Curve’s buxom shape will be more than eye candy with its 650-mAh battery and 2.2-ml clearomizer.

*Note* South Beach Smoke, like Vapor Fi, has REALLY upped their game, and added a full vaporizer and e-liquid line, truly staying ahead of the competition!


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V2 Pro Series 3V2 Pro Series 3-in-1 Pen

The V2 Pro Series is a 3-in-1 pen that works with e liquid, herbs, and essential oils. The price starts high owing to the high-tech base.

You don’t get juice or a wall adapter: just a single battery and cartomizer for about $80 with a USB charger, but magnetic connection makes this the easiest device to assemble.


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Volcano InfernosThe Inferno, a Hot Product

Volcano developed the Inferno a couple of years ago and has tweaked the original so that it now provides USB pass-through functionality. In other words, you are able to vape with the battery while it’s charging on your computer port.

The kit for $79.99 is loaded with stuff including two full e cigs: you won’t resent the price tag. This is a gorgeous product available in 8 sleek colors. Coils last and last and so do batteries, but replacements are affordable.


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Cigavette Mega Set

This is the dearest of all five e liquid pens, but it deserves to be included here because there is no other pen quite like it. Cigavette provides refillable cartomizers for 1300-mAh batteries. These are the largest cartomizers you can buy pre-filled, so even though you only get two flavor choices (tobacco and menthol), that’s ample for something so big.

If a big battery doesn’t bother you but re-filling cartos looks like a hassle, Cigavette is ready to meet your needs. A set with two batteries, 10 cartomizers, a carry case, cartomizer cover, and a charging kit sells for $129.95.


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Runner Up

Iridescent Halo Triton BatteryHalo Triton Charges Forward

The only thing that dampens my enthusiasm about the Triton by Halo is that replacement parts are proprietary. Alternative coils and clearomizers will not fit onto the battery.

Otherwise, Halo struck gold (or titanium, emerald green, and demon red to name just a few of 11 colors).

Two batteries and two clearomizers cost $64.99. The battery lasts a whole day and is indestructible.

It’s made from a type of titanium applied in the aerospace business so you can drop it multiple times, maybe even run it over and at least the battery will still be good to go. The Triton is available in 4 sizes.


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The Top Pens For Dry Herbs

Stealthy, inexpensive Vape Pens are no longer a hope for the future but are here, right now, enabling smokers to go from smoking to vaporizing herb instead. A lot of the newest models available are just copies of each other finished in different shades with logos added at a common factory in China.

Yet, these little devices, which look like real pens you write with, offer several advantages. Many of them can be used with herbs and waxes or liquids. They are small and easy to conceal. Prices for vaping pens are very low, one reason they appeal to smokers. Another is that vape pens give smokers a healthier alternative to tar and arsenic. What follows is a list of the top 5 pens that can be used with herbs.

V2 Pro Series 3V2 Cigs Pro Series Pen

I am putting this into the number one position because it is such a popular and amazing product. V2 Cigs takes pride in creating and improving on their electronic vaping devices so that they produce excellent vapor, flavor, and are sturdy to boot.

As rumors of change and innovation float on the air, V2 Cigs grasps them and makes these rumors tangible. The starter kit for a Pro Series vaping pen comes with an e liquid cartridge so you add an herbal one separately, bringing your total to around $110.

The Pro Series uses a magnetic system to connect the battery and cartridge. Temperature settings for the herb are set automatically to align with the cartridge you have inserted.


VaporX ExponentVaporX Exponent

This is another 3-in-1 pen costing around $100. Use the five-press locking system to remove your battery from its standby setting and turn the device off.

A ceramic herbal heating chamber provides efficient heating while consumers control the device using a single button. The price is about what you would expect for a sleek, discrete vaping pen.


Source RawSource Raw

This is not the Atmos RX but it could be, considering so many vaporizers look the same. They have the same shape and operate in much the same way only the Source Raw is a lot cheaper at $40.

Using a ceramic heating chamber, fill with herbs and hold the button in. Five seconds later, your herbs are hot enough to produce vapor.

The Source Raw is prone to combusting herbs owing to the conduction heating method so hard to escape from in these tiny vaporizers, so buy a glass screen to go with it and pay attention: you won’t need the screen if you do not press the button for too long.

Pulsar 7Pulsar 7

The latest version of the Pulsar 7 herbal vaporizer is more efficient, with better airflow for even heating around herbs. Your $80 investment comes with an LED screen, takes 10 to 15 seconds to heat up, and is easy to operate.

With that kind of warm-up time, you are less prone to burning herbs. The container for this one is unusually good: not huge, but fair. Smokers love this little item for its compact size and excellent price.

Top 5 3-in-1 Vape Pens

A vape pen with multiple functions can be a highly convenient, cost-effective, and user-friendly product. Each of the items listed below is a 3-in-1 vape pen priced less than $100 and they all share some aspects in common, both good and bad. They are flexible, affordable, but there is a drawback.

Vapers frequently report that these pens are best used with wet ingredients, not dry herbs. Loose leaf herbs, in their opinion, usually wind up burning in vape pens.

While some consumers argue it just takes patience and practice to get the result they want, the fact remains that you have to exercise caution. With that in mind, here are 5 of the best 3-in-1 vape pens available so far.

V2 Pro Series 3V2 Cigs Pro Series 3

V2 Cigs has also released a Series 7 pen and will eventually launch the Series 9, but those two vaporizers contain larger batteries that are too big for this list. We want to look only at pens you can fit discretely in your pocket and the V2 Pro Series 3 is ideal.

In fact, I would rate this as number one for price, vapor production, and quality. It is light, slender, and intuitive. All you do is choose a cartridge according to the materials you plan to use: loose leaf, liquid, or concentrates.

Attach the cartridge to a magnetic base by sliding it into the frame and the battery reads its code, choosing a temperature that suits the material. That’s fancy. Even the USB charger is magnetic. V2 designed it so the pen would appear to be one piece and cut a window into the side of its frame so you can view liquid levels. Customers are paying around $70+ (only two cartridges are included).


Ago G5Ago 3-in-1

For around $40, you can own a 900-mAh battery and three cartridges with a charger. Choose black or blue. There is even an LCD screen which, for this price, is unexpected. The Ago recharges quickly.

Makers of this device have upgraded their coils and provide a ceramic heating chamber, the best material for herbs. It’s discrete and produces clean flavor, but for $40 I’m guessing it’s not designed to last more than a year. Consumers often see this pen on all-purpose electronic cigarette e-tail sites.


Kandypen SkycloudKandyPens SkyCloud

Nothing on the market is as beautiful as a KandyPens SkyCloud, available in lots of metallic finishes for $99.95. That price includes a glass globe and herbal cartridge plus an elliptical battery. Lock and unlock the battery by clicking five times and you won’t accidentally turn it on. Quality is superb: solid in spite of its small size.


Trifecta by White RhinoTrifecta by White Rhino

Press the button and your Trifecta heats up almost instantly to vaporize any material you choose. It comes with sturdier cartridges than you might have seen elsewhere and produces a lot of vapor without a lot of puffing.

Leave the Trifecta alone for too long — about 30 seconds — and it shuts itself off automatically to save your battery and materials. This vapor pen comes in 5 colors and is a much better buy than their Dube, also a 3-in-1 pen, but of dubious quality.


e paradiseE-Paradise

A lot of e cig stores which also carry herbal vaporizers are listing this kit: the E-Paradise 3-in-1 pen. It’s actually a 4-in-1 device for wax, oil, e liquid, or herbs. An E-Paradise is not only receiving favorable reviews from customers but is also a highly compatible system.

Its parts are threaded so that you can attach different cartridges to the battery if you come across ones you prefer. Brands named for their compatibility are G-Pen and Dripstick. They use a small elliptical battery like the SkyCloud and I wouldn’t be surprised if the SkyCloud globe worked with an E-Paradise base.


Caveats for Vapers

Pens are often better for e liquids, oils, and waxes. These are less likely to overheat and tend to vaporize more fully at hotter temperatures. Vape pens for herbs often burn them; that is the biggest complaint about these devices. You will also have to re-load your herb frequently, but battery life is the biggest variable. In some cases, a 2-hour charge will last half a day.

The Pro Series 3 provides excellent battery life. Small batteries usually operate for just 4 hours or less, especially at high temperatures or when the battery is left on standby a lot. Use products mindfully and you will get more out of the battery.