Best Vaporizers | Vaporizer Reviews 2015

Here we have a few of the top devices for each category, followed by a little more about these machines.

Top 3 Portable Vaporizers

The very best portable vaporizers use rechargeable batteries and are useful for mobile consumers. I won’t go so far as to say that each one is stealthy: they aren’t pen vapes although two of them are discrete. The best one out of this top 3, however, is a little bulky.

1. The Mighty

Mighty Vaporizer

Vapers rejoiced to know they could enjoy the satisfaction and quality of a Storz & Bickel vaporizer in a portable package. They just weren’t as pleased about its price or size, but there are some compelling reasons why the Mighty tops this list.

For one thing, it’s made by the same people who brought you the Volcano and the Plenty, top-notch devices for use with herbs. Secondly, build quality is superb. Thirdly, it contains a pair of rechargeable batteries which last for up to 1 ½ hours with every charge.

I’m just getting started, however, because there are many reasons to love the Mighty. When your chosen temperature (selected using digital controls) is reached, you can either read it in big bright numbers on the large screen or wait for the device to vibrate like a mobile phone.

There is an app you can download onto your phone as part of your vaping experience. Vapor, by the way, is big, even similar to what a lot of big desktop products can produce. This is also a pass-through device: while it charges, you can just keep enjoying hard-hitting puffs from this well ventilated portable herbal vaporizer.

2. Firefly Herbal Vaporizer


This efficient little device is actually big compared to several of the portable vapes like a Magic Flight Launch Box or Pax, but compared to the Mighty a Firefly herbal vaporizer looks like a pixie. It uses convection to evenly and instantly heat herbs so they are only warmed when you want them: up to 400F/200C.

Glowing grilles at each side and a window at the top-middle display a red glow as dry materials are vaporized. Your rechargeable battery is removable and lasts about 45 to 60 minutes. If this seems like a heavy vaporizer, that’s because the heat sinks are made of stainless steel.

3. Pax 2

Pax 2

While the Pax 1 was great, the Pax 2 improves on the original yet in a shorter package. Lighter and smaller, insulation is high-tech, just like its built-in motion sensors that know when you aren’t using your vaporizer. Put it down and the heat oven turns off until you pick up the Pax once more. Load herbs into a bottom chamber and apply the magnetically-secured lid.

Top 3 Table Top Vaporizers

Portability has its limits, especially where power is concerned. A battery will run out of power and as it does, vapor quality and richness is compromised. With a table top vaporizer, plugged into a wall socket the entire time, your output is as reliable as the server which provides energy to every electrical item in your home. Here are the top 3 table top vaporizers.

1. Volcano Vaporizer

Volcano Vaporizer

The Volcano is an icon in the world of desktop vaping devices. Some fans still own an original Volcano released years ago and notice no change in vapor production, heatup time, or quality. Electronics continue to function at a high level.

Their fan still forces hot air and the same range of temperature (226F to 446F with the Classic) is available. This forced-air system has satisfied thousands of former smokers with lung disease unable to draw directly through a straw.

The Digital version provides even more settings and is precise, as one would expect from German engineers. An Easy Valve set makes replacing balloons quick and easy.

2. Arizer Extreme Q

Extreme Q

Canada’s answer to the Volcano is a remote-control unit of similar but narrower shape; a dual-purpose machine in more ways than one. Firstly, you can control it from the base or remotely. Secondly, choose a method: direct draw or forced air.

While the Volcano provides quality that is second-to-none, the Arizer Extreme Q is impressive for a precise, digitally controlled tabletop herbal vaporizer costing roughly half the price. Also, you would not want to take the Volcano on holiday but the Arizer Extreme Q is light enough to transport.

3. The Herbalizer


If you have over $700 to spend, this is the best vaporizer available today, even surpassing the much-lauded Volcano. Whether you prefer the whip system or forced air — herbs, oils, or concentrates — it’s all the same to this intelligent machine.

Everything you need can be found inside the clamshell including tubing and liquid pads; wrapped and organized into special compartments within dual-layers. Designers from NASA created a self-sufficient system which even contains a motion sensor.

If the Herbalizer is resting unevenly on a surface, it will turn off just in case the device is at risk of falling. The whole compact system is simply too beautiful to resist.

One of the best features of this machine is that you can also use it to pump beautiful aromas into the air to benefit everyone. Aromatherapy is proven as a method to relieve forms of emotional and physical stress: colds, allergies, anxiety, sleeplessness, and more. The Herbalizer sets and maintains your chosen temperature quickly and sends digital messages just to be friendly.

About Vaporizers

Modern society, especially western society, thinks of vaporizers as new products. They often have no idea that these devices are derived from much older ones devised by people from North Africa hundreds of years ago and still used there today.

Hookah rooms all over the world introduce individuals to a form of vaporizing using the old-fashioned format. But the only way to enjoy this activity, without buying a hookah of one’s own (an expensive prospect), is to buy a vaporizer.

What is a Vaporizer?

Vaporizers simulate the hookah experience of inhaling the aroma and flavor of an herb or an oil without burning it. High temperatures cause a material to release essential elements such as their aroma.

Thanks to the lack of combustion, individuals do not have to endure the burnt smell and neither do people around them. The smell that lingers on a person’s clothes or in her home is a pleasant one. Others do not need to participate in vaporizing to enjoy the benefits of pleasant and soothing scents.


There are several models of vaporizers for people who want big technology and those who prefer for technology to make things small. As a result, you cannot pin prices down to a short range. They can cost under $100, but a good one is usually no less than $75.

The highest priced products are often $1000 when customized or packaged with lots of extra features. Purchasing one for around $250 is about right and will provide a portable but powerful machine for the new user.

Understanding Vaporizers

A vaporizer is heated in one of two ways. Convection heating sends heat through the machine with a fan. Conduction vaporizers send heat directly to the herbs or oils where they are.

Manufacturers use glass, ceramics, stainless steel, wire, and other materials to create heating chambers and elements which conduct and hold heat efficiently. These materials are also carefully chosen for other properties.

For example, metal and glass together provide a balance by which temperatures are reached relatively quickly but that heat is also maintained at a standard value, give or take no more than a few degrees from your chosen setting at any time.

Glass is frequently a favorite for the ability to create custom machines with blown-glass mouthpieces and also because glass does not change the flavor of herbs.

Usually, vaporizers are heated using a source of electricity. This could be a wall socket or a rechargeable battery. Most companies sell chargers and assume clients want to use only rechargeable batteries to cut down on waste, which is one of the many advantages vaporizers have over smoking cigarettes for those who heat tobacco in their units.

Oil is another source of heat. Imagine your family cabin in the woods, miles from anything or anyone. This place is completely off-grid, so to provide power to the refrigerator and heater, power must come from a tank of oil. In the case of your vaporizer, this oil is the same as that found in many lighters: butane. Generally this source of energy is preferred only for people who spend a lot of time away from a charging source.

Some Good Products In Brief

Desktop vaporizers are not handy because they are so big, but they produce a lot of vapor. You can expect to pay plenty for one of these, like a Volcano that is available as a digital or manually-controlled unit. Digital versions are more expensive, but they show the temperature and your chosen setting on a big screen that is easy to read.

This model uses a balloon system to circulate heat around the herbs. It is easy to clean and maintain and is among the most reliable, beloved models on the market in spite of the fact that it has been around a long time.

Nothing has so far superseded it for durability and performance, though there are many equally good products. You could pay around $450 or more for a digital unit with a few essential items thrown in. Prices are usually above $500.

Portable vaporizers are coming out in many forms, including items that resemble other things a woman would find in her purse or that would be contained in a man’s messenger bag. The PAX looks like a small inhaler chamber, the kind you place over the mouthpiece to maximize the amount of medicine inhaled.

If you have seen one of these you know how clever a design the PAX is (and there are plenty of inhaler-style vaporizers too). The PAX comes in four colors (green, black, amethyst, or cobalt) and features an LED light on the side. This lights up when your unit reaches the lowest temperature where vaporizing is possible.

A second color shows your next heating level, and the third shows you have reached maximum heat. Three colors are also chosen to show battery level.

Starter Packages

You might see vaporizers advertised at one price, but with the option at check-out to add several things like more screens, tamping devices, a grinder, etc. The basic price usually includes a package with everything you need for beginning to vape except aromatherapy herbs.

Cleaning items are typically thrown in, but only a few. You will have to replace cleaning brushes, wipes, and screens from time to time. Chargers are often sold separately if you are buying portable devices.

For a portable vaporizer, you definitely require at least a USB charger, but a wall adaptor and a car charger are useful too. Cases keep dust and dirt out of your unit. If you have ever drawn on a real inhaler, you know that inhaling dust will just make you cough.

Where to Order

Major retailers of vaporizers sell to Canadian and American audiences, and they are doing brisk business. Order online and this gives you several advantages. First is the ease of shopping around from an armchair.

E-tailers want your business and are competing to offer the best deals. Then, of course, you have the chance to research products in the same manner, and can always enjoy browsing at a convenient time for you.