Arizer Solo

The Arizer Solo is a portable black vaporizer; a device used for heating aromatherapy herbs. While vaporizer retailers are selling many small devices much like this one, some for less than a Solo (priced at around $224), it has something special that others wish they had: pass-through power. When your device can be used and charged at the same time, this means it is a pass-through device.

What Else Should You Know about the Solo?

This Arizer Solo vaporizer review has a lot of good things to say. The battery lasts about two hours on a charge, and this is about standard for the convenient, portable size of this device. That is two hours of consistent use. The container for potpourri or herbs is made of glass, and you receive a small sample with your vaporizer. Being contained in glass, the herbs are not contaminated with the odor or flavor of plastic.

The kit contains one bent and one straight mouthpiece. For anyone unfamiliar with vaporizing, this is good for deciding what you like or changing back and forth between the two.

Inside there is a ceramic heating element and stainless steel cover. The mouthpiece is made from glass. With glass and metal together, your herbs reach their temperature quickly and retain it well. Glass is a great conductor of heat and produces a cleaner flavor, some say, than metal.

Heating Your Device

There are seven pre-set temperature positions from 50C/122F to 212C/410F. The last one is the highest temperature you want to go to because at this point you extract the most from your herbs without overheating or, worse, burning them. Getting to 410F takes only two and a half minutes.

While there are faster machines, taking just seconds to reach this point, the Solo will hold its charge longer. It also provides the special safety feature of a 12-second auto shut-off. If you heat the Solo then leave it for more than 12 seconds, it will automatically turn off to prevent wasting power and herbs.

Buying an Arizer Solo Vaporizer

You can easily find a Solo on the internet as it is a popular, quality item. While prices will differ, expect around $225 for the small kit.