Arizer V-Tower

If you love Arizer already, then you will appreciate their V-Tower. Pay $150 and this will bring you a quality device you can feel good about. Arizer already has a great reputation to back it up. Read this Arizer V-Tower review and you will be convinced.

Made-in-Canada Goodness

The V-Tower is a silver cylinder sitting upright on a round black base which is large and sturdy with a big, readable blue LED screen. Inside is a glass cyclone bowl which is also vertical for even heat distribution. It comes with a glass potpourri dish, potpourri sample, one flat and one dome screen, a glass-stirring tool, and a three-foot whip. The heating element, which is ceramic, heats up quickly.

Fast Heating

Why does it heat up so fast? That would be partly the choice of ceramic and a more energy efficient power source (about half again as efficient as the earlier version). Stainless steel housing certainly doesn’t hurt, providing insulation to heat up faster and reduce heat loss along the way.

Digital temperature control should be the norm. It permits precision temperature control, enhanced by triple heating sensors.

Relax with Vapor

A three-foot long whip is convenient, and if you do not know why, try a device with a short whip. You have to sit close to the tower or box and that is not very relaxing, especially if you are passing the whip around or trying to lounge on the sofa.

Dual Purpose Device

The Arizer V-Tower can be utilized as an aromatherapy tool with plant material, but there is also option two: oil. This is an oil diffuser too, so choose eucalyptus or red clover; lime peel or lavender.

Paying for Quality

The Arizer V-Tower is more expensive than some box mods, but less expensive than a portable device at $150. Prices vary when you explore U.S. and Canadian internet sales sites, but the mixture of stainless steel, glass, and ceramic make this a worthy machine.

Glass and ceramic provide pure vapor. With stainless steel they are especially efficient where heat retention is concerned to make big clouds. They also eliminate the risk of experiencing the acrid smell of plastic because there is none.