Easy Vape

When you hear a name with the word “Easy” in it, the assumption is bound to be that you get performance without having to work hard. This Easy Vape review confirms your sensible notion, so read on for a full description of this box-style vaporizer.

A Great Price

There is still a lot of variation in pricing when you hunt for vaporizers over the net. Since each model is so different from every other it is tough to compare them and to set margins.

Prices can still be vastly in excess of what is acceptable. Expect to pay less than $100 for the Easy Vape, but by how much will depend on your vendor, shipping costs, and optional extras included with your package.

What’s Inside?

Your new vaporizer is made using plastic, metal, and glass. The last two are fine, ensuring quick heating and heat regulation. Wherever there is plastic, however, the smell might be underlined with something synthetic and unwanted.

Read what customers say because a seriously inexpensive vaporizer might not be worth your money. Beginners on a budget are typically happy with their purchase.

How to Operate the Easy Vape

To turn on the box mod, just press a button. It heats up in two minutes. A single button is used to control everything including all the digital features of this device such as temperature settings. Once you get started, the Easy Vape produces good clouds of vapor.


Some mods provide long whips so you can get some distance away from the box, but with this one you have to be fairly close. There is also no barrier preventing plant material from falling from the chamber into the heating element which can produce a nasty burnt smell.

If the parts are not to your liking in some way, there is a way to upgrade. Clever users have determined that another brand’s parts are compatible, so buy a longer whip for a start.


You have three choices when it comes to color. Select carbon fiber if you prefer a modern style. Burl wood is classy, but maple is also warm and popular. An LCD screen will ruin the rustic effect but for a good cause.

What to Vape

The Easy Vape is a strictly herbal vaporizing device, not for use with essential oils. That being said, it is affordable for a starter model and anyone who wants to give up smoking but prefers using a whip to puffing on an e-cig.