G Pro Review

Grenco Science is home of the Snoop Dogg G Pen and a variety of artistic-looking vaporizers. They make the G Pro Vaporizer, which is not a pen but a one-piece device similar to the Vaporfi Orbit and Eonsmoke Falcon. Take a look at this G Pro Vaporizer review to determine if it possesses features you want in an herbal vaporizer.

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The Price

First of all, the price is going to be a selling feature. It’s about the same as those devices listed above (around $100): affordable and decent quality, but because it uses an internal battery, the G Pro’s lifespan is determined by the number of charges you can get out of it. 300 cycles is about standard.

A way to save money is by heading to Facebook and “liking” Grenco Science. They will give you a discount for your good opinion. Visit Facebook to find out if Grenco Science is running any promotions or are about to release a new device. Social media tells you more of what’s happening at a company than their website will.

G Pro Herbal VaporizerDescribing the G Pro

If you have ever used an inhaler with a narrow extender to promote more complete inhalation of the steroids you need, the shape of a G Pro (or PAX, Orbit, or Falcon) will be familiar to you. It’s long and slim but not skinny like a pen. The G Pro is light, stealthy, and portable for vapers who want to inhale herbs when they drive, during a coffee break, or when they are out walking.

Taking the G Pro Apart

You can’t really dismantle the G Pro the way you can a pen vape. Just a couple of pieces are meant to come off or out: the mouthpiece and screens. Apply pressure to the mouthpiece and lift it to one side. Beneath you see where the herbs slide in neatly and the screen protecting them from the heating element.

This is not a combustion device but a portable vaporizer: Grenco Science highlights this point in case customers have been hearing negative press. A number of pen vapes in particular have tarnished the reputation of similar devices because they burn herbs. That won’t happen with the G Pro.

For one thing, it has an auto shut-off mode so you can’t leave it heating for too long. Secondly, three colors of light show you the temperature you have reached so you know when to let go of the button and let the G Pro cool off.

Red means you reached 320F; Green stands for 380 (optimal); and Blue represents the highest value of 420F. There’s just one button, so no way to get confused between them all.

G Pro

To set the G Pro working, press this five times and do the same to switch it off. A short video on the Grenco Science website demonstrates how everything works. Be sure to finely grind your herbs before use, but do not fill your chamber to the very top. This will give you up to 0.6 grams of herbs at a time.

Starter Kit

A G Pro kit comes with a mouthpiece, filter, 5 screens, and a brush. You’re going to want to brush out your G Pro regularly in order to prolong its life. Also included in the kit are mouthpiece sleeves which change the feel of the draw, cooling it or changing resistance. A USB charger, G card, and 1-year warranty are also included.