Iolite Wispr 2

Any product with a number next to it, such as a vaporizer or even a car, is a new version of something already created. The previous version was good enough to lend its name to the next product, but Version 2 is supposed to be better. As this brief review will show, this is the case with an Iolite Wispr 2 which takes the best elements of its original form and adds to them.

Living Up to Its Moniker

For instance, there is loads of vapor coming out of a Wispr, more than the whisper of a plume its name might suggest. When it comes to whispers, the primary reason behind this name is silence: in other words, the Iolite Wispr 2 is a quiet vaporizer among some noisy counterparts.

Portable, Low Tech

Most vaporizers run using a battery or a cord. Portable items, in particular, utilize rechargeable batteries to reach a desired temperature, but they require a power outlet if you are going to recharge them. Iolite uses a butane tank, which is flame-free, thus making it a safe means of delivering power to your heating element. It is also a low-tech method requiring nothing more than good timing and an extra tank for long rambles in the woods far from a single power source including your car.

Temperature Control

The Iolite Wispr 2 will reach only as much as 374F (about 410 is a better maximum), but how does butane achieve this? It works like your car. Catalytic conversion enables gas to become power, gas which apparently escapes as water vapor so you are not sucking it up your whip.

More on the Wispr

If you dislike the hard feel of a ceramic or glass mouthpiece, the Iolite Wispr changes everything with its softness and flexibility. A price of $250 comes with the mouthpiece, a fill chamber, a replacement mesh screen, and a moisture condenser. This model is available in multiple colors from online retailers or directly from makers Olgesby and Butler.