Nicotine Vaporizer Reviews

Nicotine Vaporizers are otherwise known as e-cigs, smokeless cigarettes, cigalikes, vaping pens, and several other names. Their purpose is to vaporize a suspension that usually contains nicotine but can be inhaled without this ingredient equally well. Many people switch from cigs to pens and never give up nicotine.

Typically nicotine vaporizers come in two basic sizes, the cigalike, and the eGo-style battery, which is a more powerful and advanced device.

Here’s two charts, the first for mini-cigs (cigalikes), of our favorite brands, and below are our top picks eGo style nicotine vaporizers:





What is Vaporization?

If something is turned into water vapor it has been vaporized. This is distinct from burning. Cigarettes are papers rolled with solid plant material and many chemicals inside then lit on fire.

A nicotine vaporizer heats a liquid suspension containing vegetable glycerin and/or propylene glycol, water, sometimes alcohol or other ingredients, flavor, and nicotine (if required). The temperatures reached by a vaporizer do not burn the ingredients so unless components become dry, there is no acrid smell or taste like the one experienced by smokers and bystanders.

What Do Vaporizers Look Like?

A nicotine vaporizer is usually the e-cig style pen, though a number of large vaporizers utilize dry plant material which is heated to a maximum temperature of around 400F to release the flavors and aromas of the herb through a long tube, like hookah. Tobacco herbs are sometimes used, but aromatherapy herbs are also popular and certain devices can be filled with essential oils.

Pen-style electronic cigarettes come in formats according to the vaper’s ability. First is a smokeless cigarette that looks much like an ordinary roll-up. It is a short, narrow tube made up of a battery and a cartridge of flavor and nicotine.

Sometimes this second part is broken into two separate pieces: an atomizer and a cartridge. Most up-to-date manufacturers combine these parts into what is known as a cartomizer.

To operate the nicotine vaporizer, all parts are screwed or clicked together and the vaper puffs to activate the heating element (atomizer). Some units are heated by pressing a button.

To fill the unit with more e-liquid (the nicotine suspension), consumers replace pre-filled cartomizers or they buy blank ones and refill these with e-liquid purchased separately. Buying e-liquid is a cheaper and more eco-friendly way to go.

The second type of vaporizer is for intermediate clients or brave beginners. While the first version is usually available in colors that mimic a cigarette (white and tan), the second cannot be passed off as an analog. A longer battery connects to a longer cartomizer or tank which might be clear or have a window showing how much of the nicotine suspension is inside. The atomizer is a separate piece.

Whereas the battery for an analog-style e-cig typically lasts 2 to 4 hours on a charge, the intermediate style is automatically more powerful, lasting 4+ hours. The biggest of these e-cigs (often referred to as an eGo) provides 1100mAh of power, which can take a day to use up if you vape heavily.

Advanced vaping devices often come with power variation features operated by turning a dial at the bottom of the battery or pressing buttons on the side of the unit. These allow the user to adjust voltage and sometimes wattage.

They have to be used with tanks which permit the right level of resistance (how hard you have to draw) for the voltage you like best. Resistance and voltage preferences change how much vapor, flavor, and throat hit you get with each draw. Online tables indicate ideal ratios.

An even more advanced style of unit is the Mechanical Modifiable Vaporizer, usually referred to simply as a “mod.” With this device, the user makes manual changes to the size of battery or air flow for resistance. Many are telescopic. They can be extended or retracted to permit the attachment of a large or small battery with the usual tank. Power thresholds on these can reach double an eGo at its highest.

The trouble with mechanical mods is that many of the finest models are produced in limited quantities. Manufacturers take their time to make the best mods, sometimes from single pieces of stainless steel, often engraved, and each one unique because they are not mass-produced.

Limited numbers and high quality force prices up so you can expect to pay around $150 or more for the base unit before adding a tank, atomizer, a mouthpiece, or a drip tip. Clones of these products do not share all of their finest traits but are a fraction of the price.

Why a Nicotine Vaporizer?

Cigarettes provide nicotine: why switch to a nicotine vaporizer? Consumers who have made this switch can vouch that among the many reasons is improved quality of life.

Numerous individuals have reported feeling exponentially healthier after giving up cigarettes with their tar and chemicals and the clouds of grey smoke they emit. Family members report their loved ones cough less, have more energy, and smell better.

E-cigs can be cheaper if you stick with vaping the same amount you smoked. There is the risk of becoming addicted to a cleaner taste and the variety of flavors that you can buy. Consumers’ taste buds are revived so they experience flavor more intensely than before.

Whereas smokers generally get the choice of tobacco or menthol in various degrees of flavor strength, vapers can enjoy nicotine that tastes and smells like chocolate, bacon, or Merlot. There are fruit versions, desserts, and savory choices. By combining simple flavors, consumers have created thousands of potential mixtures and are still customizing blends.

If you become hooked on trying them all, your costs will go way up, but compare your new hobby to that of a wine lover assessing the front flavor, undercurrents, aroma, intensity, and so on.

You can even vape on breakfast cereal and select nicotine concentrations to match what you are used to. Mix your first cig and the first meal of the day. Go higher or drop to as little as 0.3% nicotine. Giving up nicotine completely could be your goal, one that is easier to achieve with these gradations, and there are zero nicotine e-cigarettes.

Prices for Nicotine Vaporizers

Now that the market is full of competitors, electronic cigarette prices vary a lot. A single disposable should cost between $4 and $10. For rechargeable kits, expect to pay anything from $14 to over $150.