If vaporizing is an alternative to smoking, then manufacturers have to make it convenient to vape outside of home. Lugging a tabletop device around in the car and to work is impractical and indiscreet. You do not usually want to attract attention to your device because others often mistake these for drug inhalation tools preferred by marijuana smokers.

Vaporizers are used this way by lots of consumers, but the majority of clients want to vaporize aromatic plant material other than cannabis, essential oils, or tobacco. Portable vaporizers fill the gap that would otherwise exist as soon as a person left home. He would be vulnerable to the desire for a cigarette without a hand-held device.

The Best Portable Vaporizers

Here is a list you cannot afford to read just once yearly: the one that leads you to the best portable vaporizer currently on the market. At least, it should direct you to the one that suits you best, and it is a catalogue that changes often.

That is why there is a top 10 list: everyone needs something different from a portable vaporizer and something on that list is sure to please. This menu of choices contains at least one you can probably afford and will love to use.

PaxThe PAX by Ploom

When the PAX came out, it was hailed instantly as a revolutionary tool for vapers. That was a while ago: things have changed, and new revolutions have been started.

Yet, this handheld herbal vaporizer continues to shine and prove itself worth the $250 tag usually slapped onto it by online retailers. The PAX is one of the easiest herbal vapes to use.

It is light, heats up in half a minute, and setting the temperature is really easy. Filling the tank (located under the mouthpiece, which is a breeze to remove) will cause no hassle. Enjoy watching light colors change as the PAX heats up.

FireflyBuy the Firefly

What I love about this vaporizer is how gorgeous it is all the way around. Every aspect of it is classy and stylish, from the front piece with its borosilicate glass window to the glowing grate-covered sides to its magnetic back.

The Firefly is clever: no other vaporizer creates a vapor pathway by replacing the cover and connecting two halves of a channel.

Price-wise it costs the same as a PAX, is a little heavier, but is one of the easiest machines to clean and fill, thanks to that magnetic cover again which can be replaced should you lose the original or wish to change the color.

Davinci AscentRise above Cigarettes with a Davinci Ascent

For about $250, once again you can own another discrete cell phone-like herbal vaporizer which also handles concentrates.

The Ascent comes in several styles but the neatest feature is its swivel bottom. This releases the herb (or concentrate) chamber so you can fill, empty, and thoroughly clean it.

A glass pathway for your vapor to travel ensures each mouthful tastes clean and flavorful. A digital display shows which temperature you are currently vaping at.

Magic Flight Launch BoxMagic Flight Launch Box

Let’s pull back from the $200+ price tag for a moment with the Magic Flight Launch Box.

Made from real wood and optical-grade glass, this is a beautiful device but very small.

You will have to reload it frequently and recharge the battery often, but for $120 you won’t mind. It heats up almost instantly too.

At the Top with a Pinnacle Pro

Again we are looking at a cost of over $200 with the truly portable Pinnacle Pro, a discrete black vaporizer which works with herbs and wax. Heating up in around a minute to one of 5 heat settings, the ceramic element ensures clean-tasting vapor from this futuristic-looking product. Compatible glass water vaping equipment is available as well.

Arizer Solo with bent glass mouthpieceVape Alone Using an Arizer Solo

With several temperatures to choose from, the vaper can be finicky about temperature with this affordable Arizer product.

A two-hour battery life is elongated with a lower setting, but the battery is rechargeable, so get what you want out of a vaporizer.

While the Pinnacle Pro is palm-sized, the Arizer Solo is a little bigger. It is still portable, but less discrete since it does not resemble a cell phone, puffer, or pen.

Vapir NO2Brassy Vapir NO2

If you like other devices by Vapir, then this small, affordable ($135) vaporizer is sure to please.

A brass heating element encased in stainless steel creates consistent heat and smooth tasting vapor.

A digital display provides an accurate reading of the device’s temperature. The automatic shut-down feature protects you from overheating the Vapir NO2 by mistake.

Heating should take around a minute with this rechargeable device (all of the vaporizers mentioned so far above and below use a rechargeable battery).

Super Sleek Sonic Vaporizer

This one costs around $180 and resembles an iPhone.

The Sonic is powerful, heats herbs thoroughly, and displays all functions on a bright, clear digital screen.

A 1- to 2-hour battery life could be better, but it only takes 30 seconds to heat up and looks magnificent doing it.

Thermovape: Hot Technology

Here is another vaporizer for dry herbs: the Thermovape. If you have ever seen an emergency light wand with a cage over the bulb, a Thermovape resembles this, only smaller.

For about $150, customers receive a device that is easy to use, small, and truly portable. Heating is quick and efficient. Casing is solid; a blend of stainless steel and hardened plastic.

The neatest thing about the Thermovape is that it uses fancy new batteries that are made from the same stuff you find in an electric car and several are supplied with your vaporizer. It’s a type of battery that can be recharged more than a thousand times according to the manufacturer, which is a good thing since the biggest down side of this item is how quickly it speeds through a charge.

Big Price, MiniVap

The MiniVap tops this list for price ($520) but also for ingenuity. New technology allows vapers to enjoy what the maker calls “Laminar Flow” as opposed to “Turbulent Flow.” Heating is more consistent, basically, flowing in a straight line without losing momentum along the way.

Vapers say it creates the best flavor they have ever experienced, the most efficient heating, and the battery is wickedly powerful, lasting for hours. With so many portable vaporizers lasting about 2 hours per charge, this is a big breakthrough.

Of course, customers are paying for technological advancement; more than twice the price of a PAX, but they say it is worth the price. The MiniVap also features a digital screen displaying temperature and battery level. Four temperature settings allow vapers to hit the right level of heat every time. Use the MiniVap with herbs or an oil disc.

Enter the Portable Vaporizer

On the face of it, initially portable vaporizers are more expensive than cigarettes. Usually they cost from $50 to more than $200, and that is just the unit without batteries, oils, herbs, or chargers. They are, however, meant to be re-used many times.

Every part of the machine can be cleaned, including the heating chamber and mouthpiece. Some parts are removable. Others require a delicate touch with a long thin brush. Several portable vaporizers look like common items lingering in individuals’ bags and pockets, sometimes their glove compartments too.

These are items like lipsticks and inhalers. Certain models mimic thick, classy pens, the sorts you would buy for corporate associates and have engraved. A number of them resemble mascara tubes or felt-tip pens.

The best ones, however, are those that last for a little while on a single battery charge or one canister of oil. A few hours is what you want, but cheap versions are not going to do it for you and are likely to wear out overall in a short period of time. They are made of inferior materials so if you are hard on stuff, tending to drop and break it, cheap vaporizers will last you six months to a year. They are also good for consumers who are fearful of misplacing costly items.

Spending Money

Dearer products like the Ascent by Davinci arrive at their price partly because of looks. The Ascent comes in several possible colors, none of them gaudy or shiny. The elegant Burl Wood version would look right in a CEO’s hardwood-furnished office.

This is another look-alike item, one that makes you think of a cellular phone. In fact it is described as being smaller than an iPhone and you might think it has a top you should lift to get at buttons so you can text or dial someone.

The screen on your Ascent looks like a regular smart phone screen, but it tells the temperature you have reached and the temperature you want. Smart technology inside the Ascent is tiny, but it does a great job of creating vapor and providing excellent power for a long time: up to four hours, but expect three hours when your battery is fully charged and you will not be disappointed.

Rechargeable Batteries and More

There are two ways to power a portable vaporizer. One is to insert a single rechargeable battery, in which case you should always have a spare waiting and charged. The other is to use a small tank of oil for energy.

One reason consumers use the latter method is that they spend time away from any technology, even their cars, and can see no way to recharge a device. They might be camping or hiking for example.

Rechargeable batteries, however, last for many cycles and are less wasteful than oil. They can even be recycled. Moreover, you might not feel comfortable carrying a small tank of oil around on your person, whereas consumers are used to battery-operated devices like phones and laptops.

Are All Portable Vaporizers Digital?

As you read above, many vaporizers are cheap. They do not have buttons to press besides on and off and there is no screen. Digital temperature control is an additional cost and convenience, but not always necessary.

Many fine models like the Magic Flight Launch Box are relatively low-tech. This one is about half the price of an Ascent, but the battery is still powerful at around 2000mAh. If you have used e-cigs before, you know what you get from a really high-power modifiable electronic e-cig. This is not the tiny vapor production and battery life of an analog-style pen with an 180mAh battery.

Even though it is portable and not as fancy as the Ascent, a Magic Flight Launch Box and others like it still have a precise job to do: heat materials short of burning them. At the correct temperature, a vaporizer releases vapor (moisture) from herbs to create a wonderful aroma, nothing like the burnt smell of anything lit on fire.

Two More Things

What makes a good portable vaporizer heat up quickly and retain heat evenly? The key is to use the right materials, like glass and stainless steel. They are great heat conductors, but they also prevent vapor from tasting anything like the plants being used. Your portable device might be ready in under a minute.

Ceramic heating chambers are also popular, partly because they retain heat well and also because they do not affect flavor and aroma. What happens is that vaporizer consumers discover their favorite materials or blends of materials such as all glass tubes or ceramics, metal and mesh, wire-wrapped glass, etc.

All of these are potentially good enough to give you great performance, but borosilicate glass and ceramics are breakable, not to mention expensive materials to replace.

Consider cleaning. Before buying a product, watch a video of someone cleaning it out to determine if you will be faithful and patient with your device. An unclean vaporizer does not smell as good as it should and might not function at all due to retained herb particles.

Some of these videos come up on brand websites, general vaporizer retailer sites, and also on the net, generally. They accompany reviews of products so you can also learn what other people think about a product and see it in action.