Shop online for the best vaporizers and you will soon discover the assortment of devices designed to look like anything but. One of these, the Puffit-X, resembles an inhaler. About a third of the population probably owns one of these and carries it around in a jacket pocket, her purse, or a briefcase. It would be easy to take a puff from your Puffit-X without anyone realizing you are actually vaporizing herbs.

Puffit-X Vaporizer Review

Inside your device is a small but powerful fan, better quality and quieter than the fan in the original Puffit. The fan distributes heat evenly around your herbs which are heated by a gold-plated heating element. In spite of the hype given to silver as a multi-purpose metal for manufacturing, gold is also useful in manufacturing, especially for high-temperature applications.

Digital Technology

Some portable vaporizers are not easy to control and few of them are digital. The Puffit-X is fully under your control.

Set the temperature to your desired level using a rotary switch which gives the choice of levels from 120 to 430F. That last number is high even for a desktop machine. Users also get to set their fan speed from three options.

Forced Air First

According to the makers of Puffit-X, this is the world’s first portable forced-air vaporizer. Of course, it will not be the last, but its creators will always be able to say they were pioneers in this respect.

Power your Vaporizer

Provide power to the heating element using a rechargeable battery. This makes the unit environmentally friendlier than a product using oil. High-quality batteries can recharge over 100 times.

In your Package

The Puffit-X comes with an AC adaptor, a stand, a cap cover, sturdy case, and filling tool. Prices vary considerably when you shop online. Not only is the Puffit-X about $50 more expensive than the original, you could be paying about $170 for it before buying herbs.

Some Pros and Cons for the Puffit-X Vaporizer

Users have mixed feelings about their purchase. The major positive is that if they shop around, the device is sold for under $150. Another is discretion and novelty value worth smiling about.

Unfortunately, small devices run off of small power sources. In this case, the battery lasts about an hour. The vapor emitted is fairly thin if you are used to high-quality, table-top devices.

There is an unfortunate after taste reported from the plastic outer shell, an unavoidable effect of using cheap materials to create a light, affordable product.

Some of this will disappear if you heat the unit and leave it unused for a while to burn off any residue, but even after you do this the bad smell is a problem. Some people get used to it. Lots of people avoid it by paying more for all-metal and/or glass devices.

It is possible to enjoy as many as three bowls of aromatic material on each charge depending on how hot you have it set. That’s not bad, but the sound: whoever described it as “quiet” set the fan at its lowest speed or accidentally turned it off.