The Best Online Shops For Vaporizers

There is a huge range of vaporizers out there to choose from, in all sorts of shapes, sizes and designs. Some are designed for beginners, others for more experienced vapers; some are designed to make the most of flavored e-liquids while others are perfect for creating huge clouds of vapor; finally, some are created to look stylish and fashionable, while others are more functional and efficient in their design.

It can be difficult sometimes to know which is the right vaporizer for you, but the first decision you have to make is where you are going to shop for your vaporizer — after all, there are almost as many online vaping shops as there are vaporizers. Finding a site that is reliable, and that sells great products at good prices is the first step in buying your ideal vaporizer. Below is a list of the top 5 vaporizer shops — browse them all to see what deals they have on offer.


Vapeworld sells a huge range of brand name vaporizers, and has an excellent relationship with some of the biggest brands in vaping giving them and their clients access to exclusive products and great value deals. They offer free shipping on all offers over $48 for customers in the US and Canada. They offer a price match guarantee, which means that if you find a product on their website for a cheaper price elsewhere, Vapeworld will either match the price or refund you the difference if you have already bought it from them. This gives you added security as a customer that you are always going to be able to find the best deal.

As well as selling a wide range of vaporizers, including vape pens, vape mods and even desktop vaporizers, Vapeworld also sells a range of spare parts and accessories for those who enjoy building and adapting their own vaporizers to create a more custom experience. This site also sells a range of aromatic blends for use in vaporizers, as well as devices that can help you make your own infusions for use in your devices.


Also selling vaporizers from all the top names in the vaping industry, including Innokin and Kangertech among others, Vapornation sells portable and desktop vaporizers as well as grinders for creating your own concentrate, expert cleaning products to keep your vaporizer well-maintained, and stylish vaping accessories to keep your devices while on the move.

Vapornation, based in California since its launch in 2008, also offers a price match promise on all their products, free shipping on all orders regardless of the value, and has 24/7 customer service in the event of any problems with your purchase.

Vaporizer Chief

Selling many of the same portable and desktop vaporizers as their competitors above, Vaporizer Chief is also a major stockist for a lot of the parts and tools needed if you want to build or modify vaporizers. While this isn’t something that beginners would necessarily want to get involved with, the fact that Vaporizer Chief is trusted by so many people who have been vaping for years is a ringing endorsement for the quality of their products and their excellent customer service.

This site also offers price protection, free shipping on offers worth over $50, secure check-out procedures for your peace of mind, and purchase protection, in the event that there should be any faults with your device upon delivery.

Direct Vapor

As well as stocking a wide range of vaporizers, Direct Vapor also sells a huge range of e-liquids from all of the top manufacturers, including Motley Brew, Lost Fog, Liquid State, and Propaganda. These brands and others all make their blends in a variety of flavors, from the standard tobacco flavor popular with those who have recently made the switch from smoking to more creative flavor combinations. It can be useful to buy vaporizers and e-liquids in one go, to save money on shipping, or if you find a good deal on your favorite e-liquid at Direct Vapor buy in bulk to keep yourself stocked up for weeks to come.

Got Vape

Finally, Got Vape earns their place in the top 5 vaporizer shops because of their great range of vape pens and e-liquids — an ideal combination for vaping beginners. Vape pens are easy to use, to recharge, and to refill, yet are still versatile enough to be flexible when it comes to flavor and vapor production. Got Vape also has the same range of high-end vaporizers as the other sites, but unlike its competitors, this shop will appeal much more to beginners and experts alike.

E cig stores are selling vaporizers now, or at least some are. A number of brands make their own herbal or oil vaporizers. But these are not vaporizer shops per se.

A true vaporizer shop specializes in selling devices that vaporize herbs, concentrates, and essential oils. They might also carry electronic cigarettes, but only as a sideline. Some of the brands they carry also make e cigs and the vaporizer shop recognizes how similar these types of devices are.

Identifying the Best Vaporizer Shop

Readers will have their own opinions about which shop is the best (or worst) based on their experiences. They would either refer to an online store or a brick-and-mortar vapor shop they have had dealings with. The criteria for each are similar and we’re going to look at those here.

Listing Features of the Best

Go into a shop or log on with a checklist in your hand. You should be looking for:

• Prices
• Shipping costs
• Methods of customer service access and available hours
• An “About Us” page
• Organization
• Honest reviews
• Warranties/guarantees

The top ones are probably price and shipping: most people shop with a budget.

Pricing at Vaporizer Shops

Each company should be fair about pricing, so there probably won’t be a huge difference between the prices of a specific item listed at multiple online stores. It is harder to compare prices at brick-and-mortar shops, but their operational costs are higher and so are price tags. The best figure is not necessarily the lowest listed one. Take shipping and free gifts into account as well as how much a store charges for extras.

Customer Service

Have you ever walked into a store and felt invisible? That is a sign of bad customer service right there. Give them a chance; maybe the clerk got distracted and didn’t see you right away. Did he apologize or make you feel welcome as soon as he saw you? Don’t give third chances if you have a choice.

How you feel when you walk into a store is a good indication of the sort of treatment you will receive coming back with a question or a problem: the customer is a pain. Having to return a product or claim warranty has been the greatest opportunity many customers had of testing customer service and is not always a bad thing. Disgruntled shoppers have become long-time and loyal customers.

Online stores often perform well in this department, but check out their contact avenues. Do you see an address where the firm is located? Can you email or phone them? Many firms post a contact form on the website so you do not even have their email address, let alone a street address.

Online chat invitations typically pop up and you can ignore them or engage. They give you a way to get help with the selection process and ask questions as you go along. A real person is replying to you at the other end, unguarded and unrehearsed. This is an excellent way to judge attitude, even though the written word without tone of voice or body language hides a lot.

About Us

A small point like company background can really make a difference. This page is an introduction; a chance for the business to sell itself at a personal level. When a company uses this opportunity, consumers get to find out if there is a personal passion behind what they do or if vaporizers simply make them money. The latter instance is harder to detect, but it comes through in the absence of personal writing. It’s okay if a company owner wants to make a living. Just think about this page.


The best online and real stores are well organized. Items are shelved logically within their categories. Accessories are located nearby (or suggested if this is a website). Desktop vaporizers are classified with each other. Portables are stacked together. Pen vapes occupy their own place. Online shoppers should be able to shop by the price they can afford to pay, according to a brand name, by vaporizer style, and possibly select from top-sellers or employee picks.

Honest Reviews

The only way to really determine if the review page is an honest one is to scan through for a mixture of good and bad reports. Be suspicious of a constant stream of 5-stars because almost nothing is popular with everyone who tries it or buys it. If a product really yields high praise from virtually every patron, read reviews for something that got 3 ½ stars for some perspective.


So you found the cheapest price on the internet, even when you add in shipping. The company gives out free accessories with every vaporizer purchase. You’ve found a winner, but hold on: does your product come with a guarantee? Having done your homework beforehand you know that a model features a 6-month warranty: where is it? Another device offers 3 years on parts: is that included in the price? Is the shop you have visited even an authorized re-seller of the item you want to purchase?

If the answer to either of those questions is “no,” check something: are you holding an authentic Palm 2.0, Vapir N02, or Volcano in your hands? There’s a chance the device is a clone and clones don’t come with a warranty, especially not unidentified clones.

Great Shops

Online stores of repute include Got Vape, Planet Vape, Vapor Seller, and Vapor Nation. Their websites are enjoyable to browse and they list more than products. Among their headings are educational sections to help individuals new to vaporizers understand what they are looking at.

You could easily find a $600 bill on your Master Card statement and that’s fine if you wound up buying a product that sounds right for the materials you use and how much vaping you intend to do. Vape 101-style articles lead consumers to products to suit their vaping style and frequency.