Sonic Review

In recent years, the trend in vaporizer design has been to create products that hide their true purpose until they are in use. Even then they can be deceptive. When a vaporizer is just sitting on the table or in a bag, it could be an inhaler, portable phone, handheld gaming device, or a radio: it’s amazing what creative minds will think of. The Sonic is one such unit; a product that will leave people wondering what happened to your cigarettes and if, by quitting smoking, you saved enough money to buy a new iPhone.

SonicThe Sonic Vaporizer Close Up

That’s the Sonic for you: a handheld, digital vaporizer that will totally revolutionize the way you experience herbs. It was designed for use with dry herbs only, so smokers can switch from cigarettes to the Sonic enjoyably and stealthily. It’s small, light, and high-tech but functional and easy to use. Like a lot of technology, it appears more intimidating than it really is.

The company describes their invention as an efficient vaporizer with a long-lasting battery. They insist it vaporizes herbs without burning them. This is not a pen that has no room for space between herbs and heater, therefore burning instead of vaporizing. The Sonic is a portable vaporizer, meaning there is a little room to create convection.

Inside there is a ceramic heating chamber, ensuring herbs are heated cleanly and evenly. Digital controls promote precise temperature settings and the chamber heats up rapidly. Each starter kit comes with a mouthpiece, cleaning brush, wall adapter, three screens, and the device itself priced around $200. There are four colors: blue, purple, black, or green.

The front is an LCD display screen. This shows you how fully the battery is charged and how long you have left to vape on that charge once you get to know how long it should last. Many units of comparable price bought for the same purpose don’t show the temperature except with LED lights that change color. Digital controls are more accurate and transparent.

Sonic Vaporizer Review

So those are some things the company says about their vaporizer. What do experts and consumers say? They love the look of a Sonic; its resemblance to other technological items they usually carry, like handheld communication devices. The Sonic is a hip-looking device.

The battery, which is touted as long-lasting, does not perform quite to expectations. While it is no worse than any other battery, consumers would have been hoping for hours and hours based on what the company says.

Filling the Sonic with herbs is an art; learning to do this effectively will require practice if this is to be a user-friendly unit. But once you get the hang of it, filling is relatively easy and vapor is thick and tasty. It takes just 30 to 45 seconds to heat up by pressing a button and setting your preference. The Sonic has received high ratings from customers. They love the tight magnetic closure of its filling chamber which prevents spillage or a loose cover. It’s really efficient too: the heating system thoroughly heats herbs.

Buy the Sonic

Another good feature of the Sonic is availability. You can buy one from the manufacturer, but a number of online retailers also carry it. Consider shopping with these latter vendors simply because they can offer you excellent pricing.

As ironic as it seems, the manufacturer charges more than many of these stores which also offer free extras and often free shipping. The $200 price tag mentioned above could be more like $150, with the option to buy accessories at the same time. The Sonic comes with a 1-year warranty on electronics and is a rechargeable device.