The Plenty

Storz and Bickel are responsible for bringing you one of the best rated vaporizers, the famous Volcano. It is not just a distinctive-looking machine for table-top use but also a high-quality product. With The Plenty, Storz and Bickel also provides a reliable and comfortable way to vape.

The Plenty Vaporizer Review

You pay $350 for this sturdy product, so you must be wondering why the device costs so much. What are you getting for such a considerable sum which a $250 handheld model will not provide?

First of all, the device arriving in the mail provides temperature settings from 266F to 395F. On the front you see an analog temperature gauge, the old-fashioned kind like you get on older cars and oven thermometers. It has timeless class.

The Plenty Vaporizer

The Plenty’s heating chamber is huge. This gives lots of room for air and heat to circulate around the herbs you choose to insert. Inside there is a hot air generator and a double-helix heating system, both designed to provide an efficient vaporizer which effectively and uniformly heats materials but is also inexpensive to run. Plug it in and enjoy constant power plus plumes of white vapor. It’s a whip-style vaporizer so no balloons here.

In Your Package with the Storz and Bickel Plenty

Order this unit and it will come with a liquid pad, filling chamber, cleaning brush, cooling coil, mouthpiece, short and long tubes, normal screen, and a grinder. As is almost always the case, your herbs have to be fine if they are to vaporize and become the aroma you desire.

Storz and Bickel only make quality goods so expect heating to be effective and safe. Shop around and pay less, find a company that provides free shipping, or look for a similar price tag with more extras like a sample of herbs and, maybe, replacement parts.

A Special Feature

How do Storz and Bickel make their vapor so smooth, besides giving consumers a big heating chamber? They have added a stainless steel cooling coil. It connects the chamber to the mouthpiece so that by the time you inhale, vapor is rich, full, and enjoyable. It’s as much an aesthetic feature as a practical piece.

Take a Closer Look at The Plenty

Although the interior is elegant, the outside of this vaporizer puts me in mind of an entirely different bit of hardware: a gas pump. Think of the handle of a gas pump and you can picture The Plenty.

Color choices — orange and black — will remind you of power tools. Everything about this Storz & Bickel device is functional, including its looks. You will still prefer the Volcano for appearances’ sake, but The Plenty costs about $100 less when comparing it to the Classic (the difference is even greater between The Plenty and a Volcano Digit).

Customers’ Thoughts

Customers are ecstatic about the Plenty. Trying this product was an easy choice since it was made by Storz and Bickel. Being corded, it is not subject to the same inconsistencies of heating or maintaining heat that sometimes plague portable vaporizers, especially when the battery is about to run out. Keep it plugged in and you always have power.


Two likely answers to common problems are as follows. Before using the Plenty, let it run for a recommended period of time and residue causing smells will burn off. Regular cleaning clears up and prevents some maintenance issues.