Vapolution 2.0

Vapolution joined the vaporizing revolution in 2000. Since then they have striven to create safe, high-tech products, and the Vapolution 2.0 is another attempt. It’s not that Mach 1 was bad, but improvements are always possible.

Version 2.0 is a portable device with a big, thick base and a short tower sticking up from the middle. For $99.99, you get the basic kit, but optional extras could bring your figure at the checkout to around $250.

The Basic Kit

Vapolution kit

A Vapolution 2.0 review reveals that the system is fine without the wondrous extras like a grinder or extra, longer tubes. You get a 112-volt DC power supply, car adaptor, 2 glass bowls (medium and large), two retaining washers, and two three-foot whips of medical-grade material.

The Vapolution System

The Vapolution 2.0 takes some of the work out of your vaporizing habit. Most vaporizers require that you finely grind your herbs. In this case, pop them in as they are without grinding them. Even though the Vapolution uses little power, it will release your flavors and aromas effectively. Set a temperature using the power knob.

It is also a portable device using a rechargeable battery or power adaptor as a means of creating power. The battery will last two hours if you vape continuously for that period of time, but it could be longer for light users. Recharging requires about two hours, so buy a spare.

A Safe Device

While overheating is a problem with some devices, the Vapolution 2.0 advertises itself as incapable of overheating. You could leave it on low power for ages and it will still not overheat.

Glass on Glass

Another feature that makers of the Vapolution 2.0 are proud of is that it puts glass against glass for heating and vaping. Not only does this conduct heat well, but glass does not create any fumes.

The vapor coming out of your whip is clean and crisp, nothing like the smoke clouds cigarettes used to create in your car or your home before you finally quit and started using a vaporizer instead.

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