Vapor Tower

Here is another box-style mod to add to a growing collection of choices: the Vapor Tower. Consumers, take note: as selection grows, prices should start to drop. Unless a box-style mod gives customers something amazing no other device can provide, there is no reason to pay $200 or more for one, perhaps not even in excess of $150.

A Vapor Tower Review

This device tries hard to be different and clever, perhaps to justify its being at the high end of the spectrum: about $180. Two screens hold materials rather than a dish covered by a screen, thus providing added air flow around your herbs. It sounds like a good idea.

A hollow centered heating element provides greater heating efficiency for a device that is cheaper to run. The heating element is made of ceramic, a natural material preferred over metal and sometimes glass.

Ceramic is stronger while still providing clean vapor without releasing any toxins. Ceramic also holds its temperature well after heating up fairly quickly.

I am not sure if the hollow center is better or if two screens make this more efficient than a balloon vaporizer or adding herbs to a covered dish. The use of ceramic material, a glass mouthpiece, and medical-grade silicone tubing — high-quality materials — help to justify the price.

With the Vapor Tower

Alongside your core device is a set of essential tools you would have had to buy otherwise, and will still want to replace later on. For now, the bits in your box will sustain you until you get the hang of using the Vapor Tower and break or wear out a part.

These are the stir tool, acrylic magnetic grinder, and a custom blown glass mouthpiece. This last item is probably partly responsible for the $180 price tag, but it is lovely. A vapor bowl is also included, though I am not clear why if a two-screen system works. Maybe you can vape essential oils.

Optional extras would be more screens, extra tubing, a hand kit, a different grinder, and an adapter. Add all of these and have it gift wrapped to achieve a $270 charge from the manufacturer. Buy them independently and they will undoubtedly cost more, but you do not really need them.

Choosing Your Looks

The Vapor Tower shell is made from wood. Select blonde, red cabernet, light walnut, or dark oak for your stain color and match the vaporizer to your kitchen decor.