Vaporite Solo

Have you seen a lot of box mods on the vaporizer market lately? This is good news for customers. The greater choice you have, the more this forces competitors to keep their prices low or really emphasize quality so as to make it clear why they are charging more than everyone else. Where does a Vaporite Solo review place this device amid the competition?

U.S. Manufacture

The Vaporite Solo is made in the United States. If you are trying to buy local or aiming to keep your money on American shores, a Vaporite Solo allows you to maintain your economical ethics.

Digital Device

Digital mods are well-known for providing precision temperature settings. Set the dial to the value you want and it will be correct to within +/- 2C. A big screen ensures there is no doubt about what you are seeing and because the device has a power cord, electricity is provided continuously at the same rate. The only thing that could ruin your day is a power surge, and a protector is recommended. Power is supplied via a ceramic heating rod.

In the Box


The Vaporite Solo will be delivered with a glass mouthpiece, tube, wand/whip, and an aroma bulb. You also receive replacement screens and cleaning sticks. Glass is a preferred material owing to the clean taste it supplies.

Should You Buy the Vaporite Solo?

For a price range of about $75 to $110 (and sometimes less) I would be tempted to see this as a starter kit for newbies. Where cost is concerned, the Vaporite Solo is great. I did have some concerns which suggest you might want to spend more on your box mod.

One was that you have to turn this device off more than twice every hour to prevent overheating. Maybe that is in directions for other box mods and maybe it is not. I have just never seen that warning before. Is this a ventilation issue or something else?

Also, why does no other company recommend that consumers buy a surge protector with their vaporizer? Is this owing to the fact that most other models are innately protected?

Positives to Look Forward to

Okay, looks are not everything, but why buy something ugly when you can own something beautiful? The Vaporite Solo is sold in four possible finishes for an elegant end result: natural wood, cherry, black, or silver. Be modern or select a color to match your furniture.

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