viVape 2 Review

The ViVape 2 changes give a clean and professional image to vaporizers, something this industry has been lacking overall. Many devices look like toys; they promote the attitude of self-satisfaction and encourage stealth above all else. The ViVape 2 takes vaporizers into a more acceptable category; one in which ordinary people enjoy herbal vapor without getting high. It’s something the industry has badly needed. You can plant this on a table without fearing what people will think of you, if that was ever something that worried you as a vaper before.

viVape 2The ViVape 2 Review

You would not see so many companies stating that their devices are designed for aromatherapy use only if customers did not routinely use them to vaporize drugs. That is certainly one application. Another is to utilize a vaporizer as a replacement for cigarettes. Vapor is cleaner, safer, and an altogether better product for one to be inhaling than tar-laden smoke.

Clean Shape

The ViVape 2 is the latest version of a device from manufacturers in Deerfield Beach, Florida, that has already entered the homes of many Americans who have continued to use the same unit for several years without problems. Soft, clean lines create a simple but beautiful shape in black or white on the front of which is an LCD screen. This screen lights up from the back when you are ready to vape. You are ready when the temperature you set the ViVape to has been achieved.

High Ratings

Consumers love that their device is so respectable-looking and creates clean vapor. It works almost silently and takes under 2 minutes to heat up. You can’t overheat the unit either. Walk away and leave it accidentally, but it will automatically shut itself off after a certain period of time. The ViVape is easy to use with bag or whip and controls are clear. The vapor it produces is clean and thick as you would expect from an award-winning product.

ViVape AccessoriesIn the Box

Your ViVape 2 comes with a glass mouthpiece, vapor valve, 5 screens, and 2 stir sticks. You receive 2 bags, a 3-foot long medical-grade hose, wand whip glass material container, power cord, and more. The ViVape plugs in, so although it’s small (7.75 inches by 5.25 inches by 2.5 inches), it’s not portable. That can be a plus or a minus in consumers’ books.

Being portable would give you more flexibility, but a plug-in vaporizer is consistent. It also allows you to hook up the bag system for assisted inhalation.

High-End Product

The ViVape is built using glass-on-glass. This means your vapor travels along a glass pathway before you draw on it through a glass whip. Glass is breakable, certainly, and you have to be careful with it. Some portable vaporizers are much more durable for rough use. On the other hand, glass is neutral. It will not affect the flavor of your vapor. As a result, your experience will be exceptional.

More Technology

Temperature settings are reached with the help of a digital microprocessor. You might have read before how much more accurate digital machines are than analog or dial-operated vaporizers. This is true; set your device to within a small margin of error.

Another positive feature of the ViVape 2 is that it can work in the United States on 110 volts or in Europe at 220 volts. Customers pay $290 for this tabletop vaporizer.