Volcano LavaTube V2.5

Volcano, Hawaii’s e cig experts, came out with the LavaTube a long time ago as a way to satisfy consumers looking for an advanced electronic cigarette. Those who had already fallen in love with the Magma but wanted more power could move on to the Inferno, an eGo style electronic cigarette.

When ready, the next natural move would be towards an advanced mod: the LavaTube. As all good companies do, Volcano kept tweaking their product to create version 2.5, the version currently available. Since its introduction many months ago, there have been many virtual conversations and videos posted about this electronic cigarette.

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Volcano LavaTube v2.5 Description

With the latest version, consumers are able to adjust voltage and wattage. Three buttons on the tube are all you need for full control. Above one large and two small buttons is a screen which, though small, is easy to read. It shows your voltage or wattage settings.

Lavatube 2.5

When remote customers visit the online store for Volcano products, they gain access to lots of instructions and advice about who should own one of these mods and how to use it properly. The price for only the LavaTube v2.5 is $79.99, so it’s a bit expensive compared to an Innokin iTaste MVP. A kit costs $139.99 (or $149.99 for the chrome finish). Other colors are red, purple, black, silver, pink, blue, gold, and gun metal grey. With chrome, that makes 8 choices. Is it worth that?

A kit contains 15mls of liquid and Volcano has a wide selection of those. Try Choconilla Haze, Halawa Guava, Mauna Dew, Pina Volada, or RY-Four. Also in the kit, find a high drain 18650 battery, 1600mAh, a battery case, XTAR WPZ II Multi-Charger, and a heating element. Starter kits generally save you money, and this kit is no exception. They are also neatly packaged with the main items in a molded top portion with accessories beneath.

Volcano LavaTube v2.5 Review

For the most part, consumers are satisfied with vapor production, flavor, and throat hit when they use the LavaTube v2.5. It is a classy and efficient machine which feels substantial in one’s hand.

A few complaints have arisen about the quality of its outer coating which, in one consumer’s case, was coming off at a rapid rate. Her buttons were also losing their effectiveness. Still, where performance is concerned, customers usually consider the LavaTube v2.5 to be great value for money and an improvement over previous versions.

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Where to Buy Volcano Products

If you are not lucky enough to be visiting Hawaii any time soon, that’s no problem. Volcano operates a successful online business and runs numerous kiosks across the United States. Along with Antioch and San Diego, California, there are retail outlets in Billings in Montana, Kansas City Missouri, Ashland in Kentucky, and Olympia, Washington.

Add another shop in Washington State, three in West Virginia, two in Florida and North Carolina, one in Oregon, and another in New Jersey, and that makes for a decent mainland presence. There are at least eight places to shop for this Volcano mod, the Inferno, Magma, e-liquid, and parts in Hawaii too.

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