Box Mods

Box mods are the latest craze in the vape world. We’re listing the ones we know about, and will be updating this page with new models as we learn about them.

If you have been vaping for a while, you know that this is an amazingly exciting industry with all the innovations released by all the companies competing, hoping to deliver consumers with the best product at the best price. This is great for the consumer, as price wars wage on, and they all want to win your business.

You can take your pick of box mods: there are so many it is difficult to know where to go to find the best ones. Certain devices are widely available and prices stick within a $10 range, but others have high price tags and are harder to find.

Most vendors carry at least the most basic sort of VW, such as an Innokin iTaste MVP or an Eleaf iStick. Many e cig companies can also sell you something more complicated or one that’s more powerful, such as a 100W or 150W device.

Warnings for the Adventurous Modder

In this article, I am not going over that 150W safety line. You can find a 260W mod on the internet: they are not in huge supply and are sold at very high prices, but my reason for excluding them is not scarcity. Vapers should be concerned about that level of power. Even the most skilled person would be wary operating a 260W mod if he had any sense. With knowledge comes awareness of why these things are so potentially dangerous and what makes vendors say “box mods are only for experienced vapers.”

Plenty of Choice

Besides, you do not need to go crazy with high watts and sub-ohms to experience the enhanced flavor and warmth of a great combination. Here are some names to watch: Sigelei, Pioneer4You, ELeaf, Smok, and others. I haven’t listed every VW e cig here, but all of them are adjustable. There are versions that operate mechanically, without any safety chip or read-out. I strongly advise you to take advantage of technology and avail yourself of a device containing a chipset. There are simply too many things which could go wrong and a microchip could save you from disaster.

Also, wherever you can buy a box mod, shop owners and experts often recommend certain atomizers. They are built to handle the particular resistance and temperature a device is capable of. These people know what they’re talking about, so take heed of their advice.

Get Ready For The Top Box Mods For 2016

A few new box mods are eagerly anticipated for 2016. Others were newly released at the end of 2015 and consumers have not had a chance to try them out fully. The following list is a blend of familiar mods and exciting new additions to vape store catalogues. Here is the top ten so far for 2016.

VaporFi VOX TC ModsThe VaporFi Vox TC Mod (50 Watts) – $129.99

This is a high end device that produces 50 watts of vaping power, and comes with temperature control.

It has a number of great features, such as variable wattage, temperature protection, and comes in a beautiful silver or black finish.

VaporFi is already a proven company who sells top notch products, and this is one of their latest additions in the bod mod category.


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75W Kangertech TOPBOX Box Mod

Kangertech TOPBOX Mini Starter Kit Platinum

Select the Kanger TOPBOX and enjoy all the advantages of a high-performance device by the makers of some of the industry’s best products. It comes as part of a kit but is also available separately. Wattage variation is 7 to 75W.

Select Temperature Control mode to choose up to 600F or a cooler temperature according to your vaping tastes and the e juice in your tank. A clear screen lights up with watts, volts, temperature, battery charge, and ohms. Build a tank to 0.1ohms resistance or higher. The Kanger TOPBOX 75W TC is charged at a USB source or you can take out the battery to recharge if that is your preference.

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Sigelei Spark 90W TC Mod Spark Mods

The Sigelei Spark provides high-watt vaping with total control by the vaper. The only downside I can see is that venting holes are not intelligently located (on the rounded door covering your battery which is also where you hold the mod). Otherwise, this device is excellent with its big wattage range and reliable Sigelei build. Select a temperature up to 572F and run resistance to a low of 0.1ohms.

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SMOK R80 80W

Smok Micro One 80W TC Starter Kit Red

SMOK’s newest vape mod contains a 4000mAh cell which powers a beautiful OLED screen, temperature control, and wattage variation to 80W. Supply a tank with TC coils (Ni or Ti) and your device will ensure no resistance is too low for the system. Even follow your puff count on the screen.

Buy The R80 Kit:


Sigelei Mini Book TC

Mini Book Kits

The new Mini Book comes with temperature control, virtually a standard feature of all high-performance box mods. Use this device, shaped like a very small book, at low wattage (5W minimum) or a maximum of 40 watts (moderate). Your top temperature is 572F and the Mini Book supports atomizers built for 0.05ohms resistance when Ti or Ni200 coils are installed. An 18650 battery comes installed. Choose white, black, or red.

Buy The Mini Book Kit:


Eleaf iStick TC60W

Eleaf iStick 60W Starter Kit

This 60 Watt device clearly displays volts, watts, temperature etc. on a bright screen. Use the Temperature Control mode option for vaping at 0.05ohms or Variable Watte mode for regular coils and higher resistance. The highest temperature is a standard 600F or 315C and power comes from an 18650 cell you can remove for independent recharging. As always Eleaf has designed an attractive, user-friendly product.

Buy The iStick 60W Kit:


Joyetech Cuboid

Joyetech Cuboids

This gorgeous new box has not really been tried yet: it’s a newbie on the block along with a matching tank. Smooth, straight lines emphasise modern style in dark grey, black, or silver. Two 18650 cells power a maximum of 150 watts and Temperature Control to the usual 600F. Built-in protection promises a safe experience and Joyetech is always a good brand for the money. High quality titanium and nickel coils are supported to 0.05ohms in TCR setting. The one disadvantage of a high-watt device like this one is its size (over 90mm) but it’s not huge; just marginally bigger than most.

Buy The Cuboid:


iJOY Solo Mini 75W TC Mod

iJoy Solo Mini 75W Box Mod Colors

An iJOY Solo Mini provides 75 watts and temperature control in a glamorous format. It supports Kanthal, Stainless Steel, Ni200, and Ti coils at a minimum 0.08ohms. Temperature range is 150C to 315C or select wattage instead: 5-75W. A big screen shows everything that’s going on like output, temperature, and resistance while also demonstrating your mod’s ability to monitor and protect itself and you.

The iJoy Solo does not weight much and is fairly small. Buttons differ from the norm: a big ‘T’ stands for ‘Temperature’ and also for ‘Taste’ (soft, powerful, and standard). Recharging the battery takes about an hour and a half with the USB charger or take out the battery and do things the old-fashioned way: with an AC adapter.

Buy The iJoy Solo:


Cool Fire IV Plus

Cool Fire IV Plus iSub Apex Starter Kit

Usually this set comes with an APEX tank and is currently available as the ‘Storm’, named for its Storm Trooper-like appearance. The Innokin Cool Fire IV Plus contains a 3300mAh battery supplying up to 70W output in an ergonomic, soft shape and several colors. Use the OLED display to monitor output and battery charge. Recharge using a cord (provided) for pass-through vaping if you were mid-session and don’t have another vaporizer to hand.

Buy The Cool Fire IV Plus:


Tesla 200W

Tesla 200w black

There is a good chance this mod has been out long enough that Tesla will soon upgrade it, but the Tesla 200W features on many lists as among the best mods of last year.

It will perform strongly in 2016 as well with many of the top rebuildable sub ohm vaping tanks, especially the ones you have been saving for this much power.

The Tesla 200W is powerful, sturdy and comfortable (thanks to a carbon fiber exterior), and fires to a minimum resistance of 0.08ohms.

It is also a Temperature Control mod and protected against all the usual potential dangers like a reversed battery, short-circuit, low voltage, low resistance, and overheating. This sporty, modern-looking device is good value at around $80.

Buy The Tesla 200W:


Council of Vapor Mini Volt 40W

Council of Vapor Mini Volt Mod

The Mini Volt affordable vaporizer is typically sold as a kit but we will look at just the vape mod here. This is an unintimidating 40 Watt device powered by a 1300mAh battery and displaying values on a sharp LED screen. Set resistance to a low of 0.2ohms or use the 0.8ohm coil build and recharge via the USB micro-port.

Select a power mode: standard, soft, or high-power in order to customize flavor. Although this is a new-fangled way to adjust delivery, the box is not a show-stopper visually. It is, however, stealthy at 56mm long: a really tiny mod. The carbon fiber exterior adds grip, comfort, and durability to this affordable device.

Buy The Mini Volt:

The Best Box Mods Of 2015


Sigelei 100W Plus

sigelei 100w plus

For about $90, you can own the Sigelei mod with wavy lines along one side. It’s prettier than other Sigelei mods, but pretty can be powerful. Use it at between 10 watts and 100 watts and atomizers ranging from 0.15 ohms to 3 ohms. Two 18650 batteries provide the power. The Sigelei case is vented to protect batteries from overheating: you can remove the magnetic door for access when it’s time to charge them. This saves you from the trouble of messing around with screws. A floating connection pin lets you choose almost any 510-atomizer you want.




ipv 4

You will pay about the same amount for Pioneer4You’s 100W mod as you do for the Sigelei counterpart. It will fire at up to 100W if your atomizer coil is made of pure nickel. A Yihi chip controls temperature and detects resistance while also controlling a screen.


Sigelei 150W

Sigelei 150 Watt Box Mod

This higher-watt mod contains the same SX330 chip, except that it’s capable of 50 more watts at maximum output and 0.1 ohms. There is danger in that combination so the chip detects problems you might encounter and sends error codes to your display or automatically shuts off in the face of danger.


Kanger KBox

Kanger tech kbox

Take a step back into a realm of lower watts: just 40, but enough for sub-ohm vaping if you don’t want to go too low (a Subtank Plus would be ideal, or maybe a JoyeTech Delta II). This $35 machine is rounded at the side for a comfortable feeling in your hand. An 18650 battery is sold separately, so you can remove a battery for recharging but replace it with one that is ready to go.


ELeaf iSTick 20W

20w isticks

With a good device, an excellent tank, and high-vegetable glycerin juice, you can create warm, fulfilling clouds using just 20 watts. Since the Eleaf iStick is well-made, you will be part of the way there from the start. A DNA chip operates an OLED screen. At less than 100g, the iStick 20W is lightweight, but a 2200-mAh built-in battery is powerful enough to create heavy clouds from this pass-through device.


MVP 3.0

itaste mvp3

Innokin’s latest take on their bestselling battery bank/box mod is the 30W MVP 3.0. Customers made suggestions as to how the 2.0 could be improved and Innokin took those on board to create an even better version of the iTaste MVP. It’s got stainless steel threading, DC regulation for accurate output, a micro-USB port at the base, and a 0.4-ohm limit.


Cloupor T8 150W

Cloupor T8

Let’s go back to the high-watt format with Cloupor’s offering: a box with 20A maximum output and 0.15-ohm minimum resistance. The CPU temperature control prevents overheating and a vented case helps too. Watch the numbers go up on your puff counter which also displays battery charge, watts, resistance, and temperature.


SMOK XPro M80 Plus


Smok got involved in the sub-ohm race like every other major manufacturer and they did a good job with the XPro series. This 80W device features temperature control, an OLED screen, spring-loaded threading, and built-in safeguards. The M80 Plus protects against short circuit, over-discharge, and more. Vent holes on this 4000-mAh device with a 0.1-ohm resistance minimum help to keep the battery cool.


VaporShark DNA 30

VaporShark DNA 30

VaporShark designed the DNA 30 with an Evolv chip. It’s among the most expensive mods, but it has the best chip and a 1300-mAh LiPo battery for safer chemistry relative to LiIon. Minimum resistance is 0.5 ohms and maximum output is 10A.


bap DNA


With its Fat Daddy 510 connector, Evolv chip, and 40W maximum, this USA-made product will cost at little more than most but could be worth your while. It was created on a 3D machine using cerakote ceramic coating (for guns). Temperature control and other safety features from the Evolv chip protect the user and his device from overheating and over-discharge, turning off automatically or lowering output until any problems detected are looked after.