50 Watt

With a 50 watt mod you can create a lot of power in a compact unit. These mods are still small enough to hold in the palm of your hand, although their size belies the power to create vapor at the sub-ohm level. Most, if not all, of these devices can be located for under $100. You might need to add a battery, though; possibly even a USB charger.


Sigelei 50W Box Mod

sigelei 50w at element vape

That same Yihi chip reads resistance and prevents problems to do with low voltage, over-charge, or a shorted-circuit in the Sigelei 50W. Sigelei added glam to the box mod form with parallel wavy lines on one side, parallel diagonal vents on the other side of a silver or black box.

While the battery comes out to be recharged, USB interface allows the user to charge it internally as an alternative. A rectangular screen is flanked by a large firing button and a pivoting button to change volts and watts. I have seen the Sigelei 50W listed for around $80.

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Smok XPro M50

xpro m50

While one can expect “box mods” to adopt a certain geometric shape, some designers accent this dull shape with distinguishing features, like the recessed control panel on a Smok XPro M50. Granted, pretty boxes don’t work better than bland ones, but vapers should be able to own something functional and stylish.

Change from variable to mechanical mode with this 6W to 50W machine which accepts atomizer builds as low as 0.2 ohms. An internal chip reads resistance when you are in VW mode. You can’t accidentally attach a coil build lower than that.

The OLED screen displays watts, volts, ohms, and battery while the chip inside safeguards your hardware. An 18650 battery is all you need to produce 50W but the cell is not included. When you have inserted a battery, Smok has designed their box so you can charge it internally using a USB port or take it out and use your mains-powered charger.

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Eleaf iStick 50W

istick 50w

It is tempting to think of the iStick as an insignificant little mod capable of producing nothing more than low-ohm wisps compared with serious machinery. If you associate Eleaf with no device larger than a 30W baby box, prepare for a surprise. Pioneer4You blends beauty with brawn in a 50 watt mod and it is still tiny.

You can’t help the fact that an 18650 cell needs room, so mods will only ever be as short as their batteries plus a few millimeters. All of the devices I have mentioned so far are really small. This 4400-mAh mod operates at between 5W and 50W, 0.2 ohms, comes in colors like blue and pink, and can be tucked into a pocket. Up and down arrow buttons are located at the top of a black strip which is also your screen. The larger firing button is around to the right. Sides are slightly rounded, a shape known as “ergonomic” since that contour feels more natural in a person’s hand. If your mod becomes too hot, the iStick 50W shuts off. A side-mounted charging post lets you operate the iStick as a pass-through mod. Of all these vaporizers, the iStick is cheapest at around $40.

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smy 50w tc

The latest device from SMY does not incorporate more power than their other box mods or make use of the SMY 60W’s fancy color screen. It’s just safer, with a new operating option: joules. Temperature control is the latest innovation and arrive none too soon as vapers come dangerously close to vaporizing more than e liquid.

Three buttons situated horizontally below a front-mounted screen allow one to switch from volts to watts to joules. Select the mode which feels safest or most natural to you. An 18650 battery is not included but when you load it, there are two charging options. Take out the battery and swap it for a freshly charged one or recharge the battery internally using a USB port located at the bottom next to vent holes. A firing button has been placed on the left side away from a large, bright display screen and those small mode-selection buttons.

A simple design is carried off with sophistication: rounded corners and discrete dimensions, for example. Somehow the finish on this box mod manages to avoid an industrial appearance even though there are no color choices. Instead of magnets or screws, the SMY employs an innovative sliding battery door.

If you choose “TC” mode (temperature control or joules) you can set resistance from 0.1 to 1 ohm but only using pure nickel coils for your atomizer build. With regular coils and a regular variable wattage setting, your range is 0.1 to 3 ohms.

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Pioneer4You IPV2

The 50W has been around for a long time, enough for customers to write reviews and comment on the quality of a P4Y IPV2 50W box mod. Controls are placed along a slender side: three buttons of the same size for changing from voltage to wattage mode, raising these values, and an elliptical screen between them. The IPV2 uses an SX330 chip as defense against problems with a shorted circuit or low resistance and if your battery goes in backwards your device won’t turn on.

While this is not a gorgeous product, the switch is sensitive, screen is visible, and it accepts lots of atomizers onto an adjustable 510 pin. The 18650 battery (not included) is vented inside its industrial black or white case. $100 is a reasonable price to expect although competition will probably drive the price down.