60 Watt

For less than $100, a vaper can buy a sub-ohm, high-watt mod of between 40 and 100 watt output capacity. He has to make a choice: what wattage value is really necessary to achieve the clouds he hopes to create and to produce excellent flavor? Is there such a thing as too much power? Many vapers argue that super-high watt box mods get so hot they burn e juice and their flavor is tainted as a result.

Box Mod Moderation

A vaper’s choice of mod is only one part of his decision-making process; applying a tank is part two and selecting good e juice is the third element.

As for electronics, there is a camp which believes you are going too far with 100W and above: 60 watt is high enough. That is where a lot of major manufacturers are drawing the line.

Consider three 60 watt mods from major contributors to the e cig scene: Innokin, Kanger, and SMY. While Innokin and Kanger are extending their range, SMY holds back.

The SMY 60W TC Mini (The SMY Pocket Mod)

smy 60 tc


With a 7W to 60W range, the SMY is an advanced regulated device costing about $75 but far less powerful than their 260W product. Stylistically, this is really different from anything else available right now.

It is built to emulate the style of an iPhone but shorter and thicker. The entire front face is an OLED screen featuring multiple-colored graphics and different shades for various values being displayed (red, blue, or white). It also comes with temperature control.

Spacious Screen

smy 60 tc screen

With all that space, there is room to show vapers a lot of details. There is a tachometer even if users don’t know what to make of rev values outside of a car’s dashboard. Read the date, how many puffs you have taken since switching on, voltage input and output, wattage, battery power, and vaping time.

This is a very compact device also; here is a size comparison with an iPhone:

smy 60 tc next to iphone

This is a pass-through device: plug it into a USB charging port and keep on vaping. Alternatively, remove the 18650 battery by taking off your magnetic lid, a highly convenient choice compared with screw-fastened lids.

Batteries are not included in the $75 price which seems low in light of the screen. A USB cord, however, is included. The SMY 60W is made from an aircraft grade aluminum alloy and comes in red, black, or blue. Let’s hope this choice of sturdy alloy makes the SMY 60 more durable than an iPhone.

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Innokin iTaste MVP 3.0 Pro

itaste mvp 3 pro colors

The MVP has been through many changes, but this is the biggest one so far. Innokin has ramped up power from under 20W with the 2.0 to three times that amount with their latest release costing around the same as an SMY 60W, and it follows fast on the heels of a 30W version which seemed like a huge leap in itself.

There are four standard colors (pink, black, blue, and silver) plus a limited edition gold version. The MVP has always been famous as a battery bank-APV hybrid. It still is both of those things but with 4500 mAh battery capacity, 6W to 60W output potential, and more than 17.5A maximum power.

gold mvp pro

A left-right screen also acknowledges that a lot of vapers are “lefties.” Switch over and read values on the screen more comfortably. You control this mod using a big firing button with two up and down buttons below a big screen.

Like the SMY 60W, this is a pass-through vaporizer too. Its tiny port is located right below the plus and minus buttons but still on the side, not at the bottom. It’s possible to rest the MVP 60W upright while it’s charging and leave your tank or RDA on top safely.

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Kanger SUBOX Mini (50 Watts But Worth Mentioning)

Kanger subox mini starter kit in white

This is a slender mod with an on/off switch for safety and comes in two colors: black with red or white with black. The OLED screen shows battery power, ohms, wattage, and voltage. You can fire it at up to 50W if using a suitable atomizer: the 0.5-ohm coil on Kanger’s Subtank Mini, for instance. Once again vapers have a pass-through device which they can leave to charge or vape with at a laptop or while playing a computer game on the TV.

Kanger Suboxes

Whereas the MVP is coated in anodized aluminum and the SMY is made from aircraft grade aluminum, the SUBOX is coated in aqueous ceramic material, a durable coating which also insulates well.

All the protection listed above as featured in the MVP and SMY 60W mods is covered by Kanger’s internal smart chip plus a 10-second overtime cut-off so you can’t strain the battery. Kanger has also installed temperature protection just in case your battery overheats. This mod is soon to be released in a starter kit with Kanger’s compatible tank.

Atomizer Choices

A 60 watt capacity opens up a world of atomizer styles. Numerous attractive RDAs can be put to good use but Kanger’s Subtank series, the Innokin iSub, and numerous other sub-ohm tanks are suitable for any of the mods listed above.

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