DNA 200

Evolv has been at the forefront of vaping technology almost from the beginning, developing gadgets to ensure the safety of vapers starting with their “Kick” for mechanical mods. Later, their DNA chipsets revolutionized advanced mods.

Respected American Company

Although Chinese manufacturers have adopted their ideas and made them cheaper, installing smart chips of their own in high-watt mods from Shenzhen, Evolv is still at the top of their game and the most respected maker of chipsets for American-made variable watt vaporizers like the Hana Modz and VaporShark box mod. They continue to chart a course for vaping safety and customization with the release of their latest chipset, the DNA 200.

New DNA 200 for Power-regulated Devices

Here is what the company has to say about this latest development. The DNA 200 is for use in power-regulated (variable watt) mods, enables digital controls, a DC-DC converter for personal vaporizers, and more. With the DNA 200, you enjoy variable wattage as always, a preheating function, and something called “synchronous rectification” which apparently gives you longer battery life. It is an efficiency tool, in other words. With the DNA 200, as always, customers receive an OLED screen showing battery life, voltage, wattage, and resistance and operate button controls on their mod.

Safety — a Priority

Features include performance at a low temperature to ensure safety. The DNA 200 requires a 3-cell battery bank and monitors batteries individually. The USB port facilitated by the DNA 200 is put in place to allow users to download EScribe software so as to both monitor their usage and customize their mods. This way you can tell if you are pushing a machine to its limits and taking risks and also determine if you are being budget-minded. If batteries appear to lose their charge rapidly, monitoring lets you find out why.

EScribe Software

On the Evolv web page there is a whole section dedicated to EScribe. This software package has two purposes. One is to let vapers follow the performance of their mod and analyze the way they use it: settings like wattage and voltage, their usual atomizer resistance, puff count, and usage time per session. The second purpose is to create a customized performance package to establish vaporizer settings remotely. As far as Evolv is concerned, this is the most advanced chipset around, partly thanks to EScribe. A USB port in your DNA 200-controlled device allows one to update software as Evolv develop and improve it.

Buy the Chipset

If you are planning to build your own mod in the next little while or you are a manufacturer designing a vaporizer for re-sale, the DNA 200 is an $80 chipset. The screen is removable and there is no soldering required, meaning the DNA 200 is also easy to remove in the event that Evolv produces something even better sometime before your vaporizer gets beat up or the buttons start to fall out. Manufacturers anticipating large orders will want to contact Evolv about wholesale pricing.

An Example of the Evolv DNA 200 in Action

Of course, the e cig world is already creating DNA 200 mods of various descriptions. They offer temperature protection rather than temperature control, so it is possible to install a Nickel 200 coil and really make efficient use of battery power and e liquid. One example of this latest chipset to be released recently is a Cloudmaker Whiteout costing about $200 on pre-order. This box mod from Cloudmaker Technologies comes in silver or black and is a modern, clean-looking device.

It showcases Evolv’s new chip beautifully with square buttons (one large power/mode switch and one small square button each for turning watts up or down). The screen is big and bright as usual. Evolv does a great job with the display which is an important part of the package. Anyone who takes that for granted should look around: there are some very small, dark screens out there which are very difficult to read with odd font. If you stopped smoking after 20 years or more, then you could be wearing progressive lenses right now and wishing vaporizer manufacturers all built screens that were easy to read.

The Cost of Safety

That’s just one of many new vaporizers which will feature the latest, safest 200-watt chip on the market. Vapers can expect a wave of them to be released but will also have to prepare for a reasonably high price tag.

Obviously, if the chipset is $80 alone, then any mod built with Evolv’s new technology is going to top $150. Evolv is an American company. As such, they can’t afford to be as cheap with pricing as Chinese e cig companies can. Give Evolv the benefit of the doubt, however: theirs is among the most respected names in the business. More importantly, they have always been leaders when it comes to improving vapers’ safety.