DNA 30

To a vaper, DNA is a computer chip inside a high-tech e cig. The flagship version of this was made by Evolv, a company which continues to improve on their original design to extend wattage capacity, even offering variable wattage to mechanical mod consumers with their Kick 2.

A DNA e cigarette chip is inserted into a device to make it a variable wattage e cig. It measures ohms from the coil of an atomizer so that whatever wattage you choose, voltage will also be compatible with resistance in mind. Most DNA-enabled devices use 510 threads.

Cana DNA 30 Variable Wattage ModReading Details

A variable wattage e cig is more efficient than one that cannot be adjusted and provides a consistent experience over that of a variable voltage unit. Although variable voltage was better than unregulated voltage, this is the next step in vaping’s evolution.

Pictured: The Cana

While reading details such as output and resistance, a DNA chip also detects trouble and there are plenty of ways to wreck an electronic cigarette. You could put your battery in with the negative end at the positive side and wreck your mod.

A fuse might short and destroy the atomizer; your battery could get too hot; voltage could run too low or too high: any of these things might put an end to a $100 or $200 machine. A high-tech computer chip detects issues and shuts an e cig down before there is time for it to self-destruct.

Although low ohms have caused problems to vapers before now, DNA box and tube mods are able to work with really low-resistance atomizers: from 0.5 to as little as 0.2 ohms in some cases.

DNA by Numbers

When manufacturers first devised variable voltage mods, the vaping world got excited and thought they were really high-tech with a top value of 15 watts. This flexibility made devices like the JoyeTech eVic and the Innokin iTaste MVP 2.0 highly popular. Volcano even modified their LavaTube to offer variable voltage and wattage.

The scene changes quickly and it isn’t unheard of to find a DNA 30 box or tube e cig: that is, one capable of 7 to 30 watts. With DNA 50 products also on the market, you have exceptional choice, but DNA 30 mods are more typical.

Buy a DNA 30 Mod

VaporShark, XPV, Hana Modz, and Sensation are four such devices. Nothing much is known about the Sensation DNA 30 box mod by Carlos P except what it looks like: stunning, but big. You won’t be able to hide it or slide the Sensation discretely into your pocket and pass it off as an iPhone. Moreover, it costs about $330.

The VaporShark DNA 30 costs about $170 and features 10-amp maximum output, works with a 1200-mAh battery, and is definitely discrete. Light and compact, this is a stealthy vape unless covered in a bright orange jacket. A 510 threading connector is spring loaded to make it especially compatible and easy to use. This device accepts 0.5 ohms.

For a long, slim mod rather than a box, the XPV DNA 30 is just the thing. Made from anodized aluminum, it features an unusual button (choose your color and clicky or smooth), the kind that defies wear and tear. Unlike the mod above, this 510 connection is sealed. It comes in lots of colors with thermal and current protection, fuse protection, and a delrin insulator.

Hana Modz is made in the United States with two sizes available: V3 and V3 mini. Both cost the same and come in the same wide choice of colors, but the mini is less powerful. Its battery is removable, a feature you appreciate when the battery dies. Rather than throwing the mod out with the bath water, just recycle and replace its battery. Hana Modz DNA 30 box mods cost around $200.