Do It Yourself

Vaporizer designers and manufacturers make the process of building vaporizers look so difficult when they produce the gorgeous mods vapers admire. In particular, the tubes appear complex, but the boxes seem more practical as templates for would-be copiers.

Vapers with a DIY bent can imagine taking these apart and learning to rebuild them, thanks to all of the screws or magnets incorporated into their build. How hard can it be? More importantly, how much will it cost to build one?

You could be surprised. Individual parts come in assorted styles and at several price points so it is possible to opt for high-end looks or practicality and either pay a fortune or save money.

Pricing Caution

It is worth knowing, however, that e cig manufacturers can produce their box mods at amazingly low prices because they are churning out thousands. They make or acquire thousands of each part too with the promise of volume sales.

As a vaper hoping to build a DIY box mod, you only want one of everything and cannot take advantage of bulk pricing. Your mod might not save you that much money or even look unique in the end unless you can build a box.

Personal Craftsmanship

If you are crafty with wood or metal, however, get all of the other pieces used to build a box mod and measure them carefully. Configure the inside of your box before shaping the outside. Figure out where a screen, LED light, and buttons would be placed so you are able to create holes and gaps of correct sizes. The box itself is nothing technical: it can be whatever you want as long as it is easy to hold and use.

Parts of a Box Mod

A box mod will contain switches, probably a screen, possibly a chip, an LED light (for indicating battery power), and possibly a fuse. Each of these items will require mounting from the inside. Threading fits onto the top somewhere and can be flush or raised; adjustable or fixed.

If you are choosing to build using a purchased box, then you need this part available as a box or in various pieces so you are able to mix and match using stylized design features, a gripper portion, and other considerations. Design features might be metal-worked stars or a steam punk theme.

There are of course all the parts to build the heating element, perhaps building the coil etc.

Vape accessories

Buy DIY Box Mod Parts

Jonniemac makes a series of pieces for DIY building. These series include regular rectangles and gripper boxes. Buttons come individually or in groups. There is the USB port if you want it. With a box mod, you can choose to remove batteries for charging.

Buy a switch plate, mounting frames for the screen and other items, and pick from numerous colors. A few box mods use magnetic doors rather than those that screw in, so look for those kits if you are interested in having quicker, less fussy access to your batteries.

MadVapes carries a few items as well but not the entire box mod setup. This shop can supply LED lights and switches (push button or tactile). Besides all of the items listed above, you might need a DNA chip from Evolv or the Yihi DNA chip. Tools are essential as well like small pliers, a drill, and screwdrivers.

Online Tutorials

Although I make it all sound very simple, there are numerous ways this could all go wrong. Don’t take up mod building unless you have some electrical acumen and patience and only get started after reading a manual and watching a tutorial. These are posted online by the same people who sell DIY equipment. They will show the precise tools, screwdriver sizes, and measurements to create a working mod which might not be the most beautiful device in the world (unless you are an artist with metal and/or wood) but will do a good job.

The Cost of Creativity

Pieces mount up and so does the cost. Don’t expect to get away with a bill for less than $50 and only if you build the box from scratch. Using reclaimed pieces can work depending on which pieces you have in mind.