Dual 18650

Box mods come in sizes from 20 watts to 150 watts. Usually they work with a single battery, often one 18650. One battery enables the device to operate to the maximum number of watts and also to accommodate a certain minimum value of resistance. When a vaper uses a 100 or 150 watt box mod, his device will require two batteries to achieve the highest possible resistance and to reach as low as 0.15 ohms in certain cases. This is what vendors mean by “dual 18650 box mod.”

Varieties of 2-Battery Mods

There are only a few such models well known to the vaping public just yet. They include the Sigelei 100 Watt, Cloupor T8 150 Watt, and the iPV3 by Pioneer4You. A couple of others you might not have heard of are the RYUU Dragon Wood Box Mod and BuzzBox. Vapers can also build high-powered box mods but should be advised that electrical know-how is crucial. You do not want to play around with this stuff.

The Cloupor T8 Dual 18650 Box Mod

Most of the time, “dual 18650” is not used to describe these products. Consumers learn as they read the description of a high-wattage device that they will need two batteries which are unlikely to be included.

Cloupor T8

The T8 by Cloupor is one such device. Its range is 7 to 150 watts and 5.6 to 14 volts. Atomizers wrapped to 0.2 to 4 ohms are acceptable although few people use such high resistance. Three ohms is the standard maximum.

A 510 connection pin is adjustable to permit the use of many atomizers such as the ProTank, Aerotank, Nautilus, and various rebuildable devices. The magnetic cover on this dual 18650 e cig box has consumers cheering: at last they can access batteries without having to unscrew the back.

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Sigelei and iPV3 Dual 18650 Mods

Both the Sigelei and iPV3 7-100 Watt Box Mods are regulated sub-ohm devices just like the Cloupor, but with a lower maximum wattage. They use a three-button system fixed next to a rectangular screen on the thin side and each one resembles a miniature game console.


When the screen is turned off it resembles the input for a cartridge or disc. There is short circuit protection, reverse battery protection, and more plus sub-ohm capacity to 0.15. Choose one in stainless or black and pay around $100 to $150 (the Sigelei tends to sell for a higher price than Pioneer4You’s iPV3).

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RYU Dragon Wood Box Mod, Philippines

An exquisite rarity in this industry is the RYU by Puff Box. It has been shaped from reclaimed wood sourced from a World War II battleship so customers know right away there will be a finite supply of materials.

On one side a dragon appears to have been burned into the wood. The RYU uses copper contacts and springs, a 510 connection made of brass, and a chrome switch, so there are various metallic tones featured against the wood. Like the Cloupor, this box mod utilizes a magnetic back door to the batteries.

BuzzBox Customizable Box Mod

Like the other three items, a BuzzBox requires two 18650 batteries and reaches high wattage, but it is customizable so the price could be as low as $119 or up to $234.99. Choose one of 7 button colors, 10 LED colors, and 4 colors of voltmeter (or opt for no LED or voltmeter to remain stealthy). You can have a custom paint job or not; a unique design or no design.

Buzzbox OKR-T10

Standard elements of this US-made product are the spring-loaded 510 threading connection, ABS housing, and sub-ohm capacity. While the Sigelei and Cloupor are fitted with a chip, this one is semi-mechanical and has no chip. It won’t protect you against reverse battery or warn you about low voltage, etc.

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