A box mod is a pretty impressive electronic device. Various models are capable of achieving from 10 watts (like the cute little eLeaf iStick 10W) to 260 watts (the SMY). Usually, when you buy one of these it comes with a charger or nothing at all. Unless the battery is built into your device, there isn’t even a battery included so that price is your base.

Everything else is cheaper, but your overall cost is going to mount up.

Box Mod Starter Kits

The Vaporfi VOX II Kit – $199

VOX II kit

This is a beautiful box mod kit that comes with all that you will need to get started, besides the juice.

Included in the kit:

  • VOX II 50 Watt Box Mod
  • Your choice of tank or RDA
  • 1 High Capacity Battery
  • Charging Cable
  • Hardware and Manual

This is a great starter kit to get into an adjustable device, and even if you are looking for something that can vape at sub-ohm resistance.

The company also backs their product up with a 30 day money back guarantee, and you deal direct with the company, if you have a problem.

Check out the VOX II Kit here on Vaporfi’s website


Accessories Needed For Box Mods

Here are the accessories you will need to add to your shopping cart when you buy a box mod for the first time. Look for great deals from online superstores or see if your vendor will arrange a bundle that saves you a few dollars.

Batteries and chargersSuitable Batteries

Vendors and manufacturers typically recommend which batteries you should use with their devices in the product write-up on a website, or verbally when you go shopping at a physical store. They might suggest a domed or flat-top, IMR, or a specific brand.

Brands of note are:

• Samsung
• Sony
• EFest
• Panasonic

Sure, there are other brands available, but these ones here are primary models you should be able to depend upon to perform safely, and which are widely available too. Very specific instructions indicate how many batteries you need and what size they are; usually one, two, or three 18650 batteries designed to fit into the sleds built into your mod.

Appropriate Chargers

Select a battery first then pick a charger that is compatible with it. Some only hold one battery at a time and plug into your wall. The i4 Intellicharger holds a maximum of 4 batteries simultaneously and is adjustable to accommodate various sizes. It’s a wall-mounted charger. You pay about $20 for the larger item and maybe $6 to $10 for the one-battery charger.

Add a USB cable if your item has a charging port and there isn’t a charger included with the product. Double check: it might be in your box but not mentioned in the description, but never assume it will be there. You should be able to find one for around $4 to $5.

Sub-ohm Atomizers

Some mods don’t reach those sub-ohm levels, like the iStick 10 or MVP 20W: they don’t need sub-ohm tanks. RDAs and RTAs operate effectively with sub-ohm vaping devices and variable watt mods.

You can always ask a vendor for his recommendation or even read suggested purchases found on the screen below the mod you are buying. There you will see compatible items such as tank atomizers by Aspire, Kanger, or Smok. Various RDAs will come up: authentic, high-priced ones and clones.

Subtank Plus

Kanger Subtank Plus

The Freakshow Mini is a cute little RDA with a low profile while the Kanger Subtank Plus gives you the choice of using OCC or RTA coils, is tall, and has a more practical look about it. OCC and RTA stand for Organic Cotton Coils (pre-built) and Rebuildable Tank Atomizer (DIY). That’s why you can use it with a 50W mod.

The Tugboat V2 RDA has been cloned by various companies so there are affordable and expensive versions of it on the market. The Lotus RBA is an elegant mod that looks rather delicate. It has airflow control made from stainless steel. With 4 posts, you can wrap it using a single, double, or triple-coil build for very low resistance if that is what you prefer.

Dripping atomizers are very popular with VW mods of 50W or higher because you can use thick e juice. If your mod has an adjustable center pin, you can choose almost any one of the many available styles and it will sit tidily in the very center without leaving a gap.


Wherever you buy a tank, you will also find compatible coils. These will have to be replaced regularly, even frequently if you are using your mod at high temperatures much of the time.

In general, if a company carries the Aspire Atlantis (for example), they also carry replacement coils and any other extra gear such as spare Pyrex tubes and replacement drip tips. Coils usually come in 5-packs and aren’t expensive except that over time the cost will mount up, so look around for the best deals and get free shipping wherever you can by planning ahead with big orders.

High-Vegetable Glycerin Liquid

Dripping atomizers and sub-ohm RTAs were made with the types of coils to handle thick e juice. Since vegetable glycerin (VG) is thicker than propylene glycol (PG), a dominantly VG-laden juice is going to be highly viscous but will produce thicker clouds than PG-dominant juices.

Mod and RDA vendors carry assorted flavors and labels of dripping juices made specifically for RDA users. Some of them also make customizable juice, so you can order a flavor and ask for max-VG.