Sigelei and Cloupor make them. VaporFi branched out with their version. VaporShark, IPV, and Smok all have their own varieties on offer or are soon to be released, now in pre-order stage. I am talking about the mechanical box mod: a device that can be adjusted to reach high watt levels and vape at very low ohms. The mechanical box mod is a cloud-chasing device; sturdy and advanced. Discover some of your options and uncover the special qualities of box mods here.


The feature that keeps changing and gives rise to an almost constant stream of new mods is wattage limit. An early wave of box-shaped items was slim and sleek, featuring variable voltage and sometimes wattage. They could vape coils at resistance as low as 1 ohm, or possibly 0.8 ohms. This is plenty low for most vapers, but once a customer is into the world of variable voltage/wattage he has become fairly serious about vaping. It is not unexpected that he should want to push the boundaries for more power and lower ohms.

A high of 15 watts was raised to 20, then 30. Eventually, several 50W box mods came into being, followed by 100, 150, and even a 180Watt box. As wattage goes up, a device uses more power. Box mods of 100 or 150+ watt capability usually feature two batteries.

Conversely, the higher wattage mods are capable of vaping seriously low ohms: as low as 0.15. All the user does is fire up the mod and press buttons. These go up and down and so do power levels.

Even though power and special features improve or are added, a box mod can usually be purchased for around $100. American-made products, however, are often more expensive than Chinese ones.

Is It Mechanical?

Most box mods operate using circuitry. A screen somewhere on the device indicates battery power, volts, ohms, and watts. Few box mods are truly mechanical. They are mostly regulated and also perform some monitoring using an upgradeable chip contained within the box alongside wires and batteries. A mechanical device uses a battery but no button pressing is allowed; there’s no screen. Most consumers think of big engraved tubes when someone mentions a mechanical mod.

You can adjust the spring in your 510 connection: that’s a mechanical feature common to many box-shaped mods. This is done by hand, and so is coil wrapping. At least these elements are mechanical.

For a box mod to be truly mechanical, it could not work with a chip or operate a display screen. The user has to carefully wrap coils to a minimum ohms level and create power; increase heat with low resistance or dual batteries. Generally, box mods are like tube-shaped mechanical mods with the Kick attached.

Chip Protection

I mentioned a computer chip: this is the tiny piece that pulls information together to help you adjust voltage according to the wattage you desire and ohms detected. It also detects things like a battery placed inside the mod upside down. It detects problems with voltage: too much or too little, either of which could wreck the battery.

If there is a reason for the circuit to reroute current to the shortest wire (causing a short circuit), the chip detects this likely outcome and shuts off your device. A chip is like an e cig brain detecting high heat, for example, something the maker protects against by venting the box near its battery compartment.

Looks of Box Mods

Now that you know what the box mod does, select a style of “box.” You might imagine a box is just that: a cube, or in this case, a three-dimensional rectangle about the size of a walkie talkie. Holes will be featured in at least one place, sometimes forming a “speaker” style look; sometimes just a single hole. The cover will be screwed on or magnetic. Consumers love magnetic covers; they take so little work to put on and take off.

Some box mods look exactly like a tiny games console. Many feature a rounded side or two rounded edges. They blend a tube style with geometric lines into a unique creation which is hard to recreate in the DIY room at home. Usually, DIY parts are not as ornate or unusual as the shapes found in an Asgard DNA mod or the VaporFi Vox 50. Engraving might be present, and serialization if produced as part of a limited run.

Colors and tones vary. There are muted colors such as those found in the ELVT by Dovpo and shiny metallic shades such as those the HANA Modz boasts. Anodized aluminum is responsible for shiny colors. Stainless steel glistens but is silver. A few items (like the VaporShark DNA) use a zinc alloy in black.

Dovpo’s box mods are made from a tough blend of materials that doesn’t shine. It resists impact, scratching, water, and dust. Fire cannon next to the ELVT and it won’t show signs of trauma. Do that to some of the prettier box mods and their screens will crack.