Temperature Control

Variable watt mods are becoming seriously powerful — too powerful in some people’s opinions. They believe there is no need to ramp up watts to 260 in order to create super-low resistance or to blow huge clouds.

Moreover, these cautious vapers and e cig experts report there are numerous dangers and negatives to vaping beyond certain temperatures and to using mods that are not built to limit temperature values. They have discovered that lower-heat vaping yields better-tasting, safer vapor.

Temperature Control

If only there was some way to stop a mod from going past a particular value: say 600 degrees. Actually, there is a way. You could use a vape mod containing built-in temperature controller attached to an atomizer containing a temperature sensitive nickel coil.

I will list some mods that provide this safety feature: the VaporShark DNA 40, HCigar Box HB DNA 40, Hana Modz DNA 40, XPV DNA 40, IPV 4 with a Yihi SX3300 V4S Chip, and the SMOK XPro M80 Plus. Almost all of these are made in China, with the exception of Hana Modz while the VaporShark is designed in America. DNA 40 chips are made by Evolv, an American company. You have probably come across others and sensible vapers can hope this feature will be standard with every new control chip.

VaporShark 40W

Few elements are strikingly different from one box mod to another, at least internally.

vaporshark DNA40

The stealthy black VS DNA 40 uses an 18650 battery and a gold-plated, spring-loaded center pin, so you can fit virtually any atomizer. Its magnetic door allows quick and easy access to the batteries and reverse polarity protection is built in. The firing button lights up: that’s a nice touch.


With NASA-designed buttons, this is an article of futuristic mechanical art. Select from various colors of button and trim for this long, slender box unlike anything else you can buy today. You must use a coil made from the correct purity of nickel: not nickel chromium or kanthal.


Otherwise, your box cannot detect the temperature as it rises and becomes dangerous. Where you buy your mod, there should be a supply of the appropriate materials. When the maximum temperature is reached (600), your device lowers watts automatically to prevent overheating.

Hana Modz

Made from durable 6061 Billet Aluminum, selection from Hana Modz is the most colorful mod you will see. The Hana Modz contains a DC-DC power converter and a 16A maximum. Temperature control is important to the flavor of your e juice according to retailers. They say that if your box overheated, it would not be just dangerous; e liquid would taste burnt.

Hana DNA 40 Blue

In that case you would be wasting money on gourmet juice. The vapor would look impressive but taste harsh. Worse than that, its chemical composition could be altered by extreme heat to a person’s detriment. Both the Hana Modz and XPV are costlier than Chinese devices.

HCigar 40W

At a maximum of 16A, the HCigar HB DNA 40 box mod plays it safe. Operate the mod between 200 and 600F and 0.16 to 1 ohms, in stealth mode if you prefer. Its adjustable center pin is made of copper for ideal connectivity.

HCigar HB 40

Use this as a pass-through or open the magnetic door to release an 18650 battery. The screen is an attractive strip-style seen on Eleaf iStick devices where there is no defined display but a long black strip which appears to be an aesthetic detail until blue numbers and letters light up on this black background.

One large firing button (for scrolling through the menu, turning on and off, and locking/unlocking your vaporizer) is joined by two tiny buttons on the other side of the display. In every other way the HCigar DNA 40 could be considered low-key and discrete with its simple box shape and black exterior. Temperature control ensures you don’t experience dry hits, while the battery also lasts longer as a result.

Pioneer4You IPV 4

Powered by the Yihi SX330 V4S chip, the slick and affordable IPV4 operates between 5 and 100 watts and uses two 18650 batteries. This is also a pass-through device allowing a person to vape and charge simultaneously by plugging the unit into a USB outlet. A magnetic cover once again provides speedy access to dwindling batteries.

ipv 4

There is an LED screen and spring-loaded pin: most of these elements appear to be essential and almost go without saying. Firmware on the IPV4 can be updated in case Pioneer4You comes out with a better chip in the future and you like the mod itself. When your maximum is 100 watts, temperature control becomes even more important.

SMOK XPro M80 Plus

With a 4400 mah capacity, SMOK’s 80 Watt XPro VW box is also an impressive and powerful unit, again with a fixed temperature range: 100 to 600 degrees.


Batteries are built in, so you don’t get a fancy magnetic door and polarity protection isn’t necessary.