Vaporfi VOX 50 Vs VaporShark DNA 30 & rDNA 40


The original comparison made was between the Vaporshark DNA 30 and the Vaporfi VOX 50, though keeping up with the industry, Vaporshark recently released the rDNA 40.

We’ve left the original comparison below, and added a new comparison chart here, as the DNA 30 and rDNA 40 are similar besides the difference in wattage.

We have both comparisons here so you can see the specs with the main comparisons:

Vaporfi Vox 50 mod vs Vaporshark RDNA 40


VOX bs DNA 30

Here’s a chart showing the major differences, and then more in-depth info below:

Vaporfi vox 50 vs vaporshark dna 30


At first glance it seems the clear winner in a battle between the Vaporfi Vox 50 and the VaporShark DNA 30 would be the VOX: it goes up to 50 watts after all. But it is not as simple as that. Here is how they weigh up against each other.

VaporFi™ Vox 50 Side ViewVaporfi VOX 50 Spec

This is a box/tube combo that appears to have been adapted from a design by House of Hybrids.

As for looks, not many box mods are as gorgeous as this stainless steel beauty (except maybe the HH ZNA).

It looks formidable but is really only the size of your hand.

In this package are built-in protective elements to prevent overheating, keep amps to a maximum 22, plus a replaceable battery, but you can also charge the battery while it is still inside the mod and use it as a pass-through mod.

The Vaporfi Vox 50 has a resistance meter, OLED screen, and 510 adjustable pin to accommodate many types of tanks.

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VaporShark DNA 30VaporShark DNA 30 Spec

Customers of VaporShark had their say about a previous version and they came to some conclusions: a few things had to change, but the device was too good to be scrapped entirely.

VaporShark took the advice of clients and redesigned some elements of their box mod which is truly a box.

It uses an Evolv chip to provide protective features like those above, short-circuit protection, and more.

The firing button is well above the two smaller wattage-up-and-down buttons.

At $169.99, the VaporShark DNA costs $30 less than a VOX but also features a spring-loaded, highly compatible 510 pin like the VOX does.

Note: with our discount link (below) the VOX price will be $175.99.

External casing is made from rugged cast zinc-aluminum alloy.

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Comparing the Two

One thing that’s a really nice touch is that the VOX also has a starter kit option, with a beautiful rebuildable atomizer:

VOX Starter Kit


Check out the VOX 50 Mod kit here

I like the style of a box/tube combination and stainless steel is clean-looking. The price is up there, and I don’t know what chip they use. I don’t think it is an Evolv which touted as the best, most advanced and reliable chip of its kind.

Both companies designed the buttons to be away from each other so you do not accidentally fire the device when you just want to adjust watts. Each one is highly compatible with many sorts of tanks and RDAs. Their screens are equally easy to read and both devices are incredibly small. Either one can be used as a pass-through device.

Clearly 50 watts is the choice these days for a serious vaper who wants the maximum potential of an advanced device like these, and so the VOX pulls ahead there. Aesthetically it wins also, and on top of that, Vaporfi manufactures these, and has one of the best warranty programs in the industry that I am aware of.

Additionally, you can use our Vapor Fi discount code for 12% off which then makes the price point about the same (we aren’t aware of a VaporShark discount).

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