Variable Wattage

A box mod is just an e cig shaped like a rectangle; smaller in length and width than a handheld communication device, but deeper to allow for atomizer threading and a battery. In spite of this depth, box mods are slim and portable; compact and light. Most of them are made from aluminum alloy so they are clean, durable, and not too heavy to cart around.

What is the best variable wattage box mod on the market?

There is no single device you should turn to but you should know that some require the expertise of an advanced vaper and others are easy for even new vapers to use. Certain ones are capable of feats you’re uninterested in unless you plan on entering cloud competitions.

In general terms, there are several factors the best variable wattage box mods share in common. I am not talking about any brands or models right now; just features you should look for when you go shopping. These have nothing to do with appearance or price.

Smart Builds

A built-in smart chip will allow you to control the device through a range of watts and, probably, volts. This chip should also protect you against anything that could (and often does) go wrong at high output and sub-ohm resistance. Events you could experience would be a short circuit, overheating, too-low resistance, over-discharge, and reverse polarity (putting your batteries in the wrong way around). This last one is not present or is a moot point if your mod comes with built-in batteries.

USB Charging

If your mod has a built-in battery or dual batteries, find the USB port and decide for yourself if the location makes sense to you. Many mods are built with the charger at the very bottom. This isn’t a huge problem, but if you like to use the device as a pass-through mod you will have to rest your vaporizer on its side when you put it down, waiting until the tank is empty. Otherwise, your tank would leak or wicks would dry out.

Box Mod Brands and Models

The company best known for its box mods is Innokin, maker of the iTaste MVP 2.0 which is the least expensive of reliable devices on the market. They also make VTR and SVD.

The following is a list of just some of the best box mods available from authorized distributors. Keeping the smart chip in mind, you should only buy authentic products with their serial numbers visible to ensure the built-in chip will do what you need it to.

Among your top models are the Sigelei 100W Plus and 150W, the IPV line from Pioneer4You, Eleaf’s iStick series, the MVP series from Innokin’s iTaste line, Kanger’s KBox, the Hana Modz DNA 40, and SMOK’s XPro series.

Dovpo introduced two box mods, one of which is excellent for people who have broken other such items while carrying them to the beach or on rock climbing adventures. The IPV mod is affordable and agile. Here are some box mod profiles.

Sigelei 100W and 150W

sigelei 100w

These cost about $90 to $100 and use the SX330 chipset. With the 100W your minimum resistance is 0.15; 0.1 ohms with the 150W. Sigelei vents these cases to let a bit of hot air out of the box and cool your batteries. Each one comes with an adjustable connecting pin to accommodate assorted atomizers.

The latest is the 150W TC Mod, and is available in a few different colors:

Sigelei 150W TC Colors

Buy the Sigelei 150w TC At:



IPV box mods are hugely popular. They are made with Yihi chips which control the temperature of your device. You can read that temperature on a bright display screen along with resistance, watts, and volts. The Yihi chip protects you against other mishaps and malfunctions such as a shorted circuit and over-discharge.

Hana Modz DNA 40W

Hana V4D purple

Using the Evolv chip, a Hana Modz provides the best protection against over-discharge, short-circuit, high temperature, and too-low resistance. Your box will turn itself off or adjust watts to a safer level while you figure out how to fix the problem.

Kanger KBox

Kanger tech kbox

Kanger’s mod is sleek and attractive. You are going to love paying only $40 for a mod that brings you up to the sub-ohm level at 40W: that is enough for most vapers. With a Subtank Plus, Herakles, or Atlantis plus an 18650 battery (not included), you are ready to go for about $100.

iStick Series

30 watt isticks

ELeaf makes three types of iSticks: 10W, 20W, and 50W. The first two are really good for those who are new to adjusting watts. If you have a bit more skill, the 50W will suit your purposes better. These contain a DNA chip and are functional as pass-through vaporizers. No other screen is quite like the black strip along one side between control buttons: display design is futuristic.

MVP 3.0

itaste mvp 3.0 PROs

Innokin has recently added a PRO to their iTaste MVP series taking their maximum rating to 60W. The iTaste MVP 3.0 30W is also an excellent machine. It reaches as low as 0.4 ohms resistance, can be charged while vaping, and uses stainless steel threading for corrosion resistance.



With the M50, Smok got involved in the sub-ohm business, but they were not satisfied, even though customers were ecstatic. They could see that 50W was not going to be enough so they upgraded to the M80 and 0.1 ohms. With adjustable spring-loaded atomizer connection, you can use a SMOK VCT, RSBT Hybrid, or any quality RDA. OLED display and protective features are controlled by a built-in smart chip. Vents in the case let out hot air from a 4000-mAh dual-battery set.

Innokin iTaste MVP 2.0

itaste mvp2

For around $50 to $80, you can own an entire kit of bits: the MVP 2.0 with its built-in battery and an iClear clearomizer. You might see the built-in battery as a negative feature, but there is a good chance a new MVP or other interesting device will come on the market before your 2600-mAh battery is charged for the last time.

Wattage (by increments of 0.5 watts) goes up to 11 and voltage to 5 by 0.1 volts. There is a puff counter and voltage memory setting to recall the last voltage you selected before turning the device off. The MVP has pass-through capability and lots of battery protection features.


If you are an active vaper, this one is for you. It’s also an excellent emergency device for blackouts so long as you keep it charged.

If that happens, it works as a flashlight and will charge other devices (like cell phones). Made from silicone rubber and a zinc alloy, the ELVT mod will withstand shock, being dropped, dust, and water. The well-lit screen shows your voltage and wattage setting.

IPV by Green Leaf

For about $90, enjoy a popular box mod which provides battery protection against overcharge, battery reversal, and short-circuiting, and operates to a maximum wattage of 50. It can also be used for sub-ohm vaping — as low as 0.2 ohms — which a lot of experienced vapers find so crucial if they are to truly enjoy their experience.

Like the ELVT, this does not come with a battery built in: you buy the 18650 battery (very high power) separately and, when it’s completely charged up, you can vape for a weekend without looking at the USB cable. A 510 center pin adjusts so you can add virtually any clearomizer you prefer. View voltage and wattage on the OLED screen.

VaporFi Vox 50

VaporFi makes e cigs, including the Rocket, Rebel, and Pulse, but they also recently introduced their version of a 50 watt box mod: the Vox. Since “vox” means “voice,” I wonder: does VaporFi consider itself the “voice” of vaping in a sense? They certainly have the selection to contend for this position, although at $200, the kit (with a battery, charger, and the mod) is not as affordable as those above.

Still, this is probably the sleekest, most attractive device of its kind. All the protective features are there with sub-ohm capacity and the power to vape throughout the weekend happily, unconcerned about charging your 18650 battery.