Cost Of Smoking Cigarettes vs Vaping

It is difficult to put a price on what it means to quit smoking. In terms of real money, that is something one can probably calculate. But there are other costs one cannot determine. They involve the value of regaining one’s health, ability to keep up with their children when they run around, and the social benefits of not having to disappear for a smoke or put up with dirty looks because you smell like toxins. This article is only going to contemplate financial costs: the others are immeasurable.

cigaretteCost of Smoking Cigarettes

In the United States, tables show a huge variation in prices for a pack of cigarettes between states. The highest price is around $13 per pack. The lowest is just over $5. Taxes are raised at every opportunity, especially when elections loom. It will never be cheap to smoke.

Cost of Vaping

A single disposable e cig should provide the equivalent of at least 1 pack of cigarettes. This disposable will be priced between $6 and $10. Rechargeable e cig kits cost at least $15 and contain two cartridges plus a re-usable battery.

You enjoy the equivalent of 2 or more packs of cigarettes, $7.50 each, but that battery can be re-used with the USB charger provided and a new series of cartridges priced around $2 each. That means subsequent packages of cigarettes cost about $2, plus electricity for recharging.

Costs of Vaping Come Down

Then there are bigger battery systems and e liquid in bottles. When you start to buy bottled vapor juice, the price per/ml and per/pack can be as low as 40 cents. You will have to replace batteries occasionally and also blank cartomizers, clearomizers, or tanks.

Good clearos cost, on average, about $15 to $20. The battery could be priced around the same if you are using an eGo. With replacement atomizers and a charging set, you could pay around $60 for the entire kit with e juice.

But this will keep you going for several days or, potentially, many packs. If you enjoy 2 weeks with one kit before buying more atomizer heads, that works out to 14 days of vaping. If you smoked, that would have cost a minimum of $70, but probably more like $120.

Remember that the battery and clearomizer last: it’s just juice and coils you replace. Weeks will go by with you just purchasing these two items: $10 for juice weekly (if you continue vaping as you smoked) plus coils every month for about $10 to $15. Together, on a monthly basis, your average cost could be around $55. Divide that by 30 and your package of cigarettes costs less than $2 until you buy another battery.


What if vaping becomes a hobby or you like flavors so much they become addictive in their own right? In this case, you will end up spending more. If you treat vaping as a replacement for smoking then you don’t have to go overboard with gourmet juice, high-watt systems, or the fanciest tanks. Keep it simple; otherwise, e cigs cost the same as cigarettes.

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  • James says:

    I am new to ecigs but cost was one of the big reasons I switched. It’s helped me to quit smoking and saved my life. That is priceless to me. Definitely vaping is cheaper and healthier too. Saving money feels good that’s why it’s so great that these products are much cheaper than smoking!

    Happy vaping everyone!

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