Disposable Electronic Cigarettes | E Cig Review

Disposable e-cigarettes are available more and more in all sorts of typical stores where you find regular tobacco cigarettes.

Zig Zag Disposable E CigThey do have their benefits for use, but if you have any plans for continued use, you’ll want to think of a starter kit if money is an object.

These are a nice way to try out a certain brand, and most brands of e-cigarettes now carry disposable options, which are typically just a couple flavors like menthol and tobacco flavor.

It is also nice to have a couple handy for the convenience, especially if you start refilling your own, when you have to make a quick trip somewhere, and if you forgot yours at home, more and more stores these days carry them.

There are a few brands available in gas stations, convenience stores, and some major retailers such as Walgreen’s & Wal-Mart.

Here’s a couple reviews of brands that you can get online that we recommend over the common ones in public stores:

V2 Cigs Disposables

South Beach Smoke Disposables

Bull Smoke Disposables

Zig Zag Disposables